357 magnum 158 grain load data
I thought that higher velocity was everything I wanted when I started handloading a variety of powders and bullets for a .357 Magnum Uberti Lightning Short Rifle pump action with a 20-inch barrel. I resolved the problem by shooting bullets cast from an RCBS 38-158-CM mould.

Lyman 358429 Keith Style SWC 165 grain Caliber – 357 Magnum Powder- BLUE DOT 10.5grs Case – Mixed Primer – CCI 550 COL – 1.620” Sized .358” Velocity – 1280 – feet/per sec 6” Barrel Speer #9 shows the 158 grain JHP and JSP being used with Blue Dot Ruger Security Six 6" 1:18.75" twist 11.0 @ 1149 fps 12.0 @ 1264 fps Load Data &Technical Information by Caliber. The 158 grain Fusion load is very much reliant on stout bodied game if it is to produce a fast kill. About; Disclaimer; Contact; Log in / Sign up.357 Magnum - Manufacturer Loading Data. This bullet has a fairly long nose that merges smoothly to the bullet’s full diameter and feeds slickly through the Uberti pump. Blue Dot, H-110, Lil’Gun, and Power Pro 300-MP provided the highest velocity with jacketed bullets from 125 to 158 grains. Powders - Reloading 357 Magnum The Uberti’s 20-inch barrel and closed breech fired various bullets somewhat over 800 fps faster than a revolver with a 4-inch barrel. 939 max with plain lead bullet Bullseye 5.8 gr. 908 Titegroup 2.9 gr. Palmettostatearmory, the minimum amount of powder to stretch you dollar as far as it will go.

The chambers in a .357 revolver’s cylinder offer quite a bit of leeway in what they accept in cartridge length and bullet profile. Although The High Road has attempted to provide accurate information on the forum, The High Road assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. Berry's say that you should start with light to medium load data for an equally sized/shaped jacketed bullet. 22-250 Remington Ackley Improved Load Data, 223 Win Super Short Magnum (WSSM) Load Data, 243 Win Super Short Magnum (WSSM) Load Data, 25 Winchester Super Short Magnum Load Data, 270 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) Load Data, 7mm Rem Short Action Ultra Magnum Load Data, 7mm Shooting Times Westerner (STW) Load Data, 30-06 Springfield Ackley Improved Load Data, 300 Rem Short Action Ultra Magnum Load Data, 300 Holland & Holland (H&H) Magnum Load Data, 300 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) Load Data, 325 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) Load Data, 358 Shooting Times Alaskan (STA) Load Data, 375 Holland & Holland (H&H) Magnum Load Data, 45-70 Gov’t (Strong Actions Only) Load Data, 45 Colt (Single Action Army & Replicas) Load Data, 45 Colt (Ruger & T/C Contender & Encore) Load Data. That length is also the longest that would cycle through the Marlin Model 1894 and Winchester Model 94 lever-action .357s I’ve shot in the past. Nosler Inc  |  Privacy  Use  Order Processing. Reloading Questions; About. Right click on the image of the load data and use save as. I single loaded cartridges by hand into the chamber, and they shot great and had an average muzzle velocity of 1,246 fps. Shot from the longer barrel of a rifle, though, the .357 shows a pronounced improvement in velocity and trajectory. Open up the load data page you wish to download. Like all .357 magnum bullets, best performance is obtained at impact velocities above 1300fps. You would probably do better performance wise to run standard semi jacketed HP's out of the .357 mag with 1,100 fps for 158 grain and 1200 to 1250 fps for 125grain and use solid cast bullets for practice as paper doesn't care if its a HP or not. As it turned out, the best part was loading and shooting lead-alloy bullets in the fast-cycling Lightning. 115 SW Columbia St | Bend, Oregon, USA 97702  |  Toll Free: Nosler Showroom / Open to the Public:  Monday - Friday 10:00 am to 5:30 pm PST, Load Data &Technical Information by Cartridge. 357 Magnum Load Data; 357 Remington Maximum Load Data; 40 S&W Load Data; 10mm Auto Load … ALL 90 gr 110 gr 125 gr 130 gr 135 gr 140 gr 146 gr 147 gr 148 gr 150 gr 158 gr 170 gr 180 gr 187 gr 200 gr. 40 caliber, 10mm (400 dia) 40 Smith & Wesson 155 40 Smith & Wesson 165 40 Smith & Wesson 180 10mm Auto 155 10mm Auto 165 10mm Auto 180. These velocity gains translate into twice the bullet energy and half as much drop out to 100 yards. http://www.missouribullet.com/results.php?category=5&secondary=10, http://www.missouribullet.com/details.php?prodId=52&category=5&secondary=9&keywords=, The Land of Bowie, Crockett, Travis & Houston. I tried bullets cast from an LBT 358 200 FN mould, but that bullet seated in a .357 case with the mouth folded in the bullet’s crimping groove measured 1.641 inches in length, a bit longer to cycle through the Uberti’s action. Now I need to find load data for them. For a high-energy load, it’s probably better to shoot 158-grain bullets with their 500 fps of additional velocity. The LBT 200-grain cast bullet gained 309 fps shot from the 20-inch barrel compared to the 4-inch barrel. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. The .357 Magnum is a useful and fun cartridge when fired from a revolver. All information is provided "as is" with all faults without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. 357 Magnum 125 357 Magnum 135 GDHP SB 357 Magnum 135 GHDP 357 Magnum 158 LSWC 357 Magnum 158 TMJ FN 357 Magnum 170 9mm Makarov (364 dia) 9x18mm Makarov 95. They were factory seconds that I got for 9c a piece!


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