40k phalanx vs death star


Gravity We have no idea of how large the "orbital plates" are (other than "they're large). Both ships are massively powerful, and currently in a stalemate. [9] The vessel now stands vigil over Terra on the orders of the reborn Roboute Guilliman. Dec 2, 2014 #33 Inquisitor Kard said: Rogal Dorn expanding on a DAoT design, or using salvaged DAoT technology to manufacture it.

Sector It should also be noted that the Phalanx is so large that it also supports its own ecosystem inside the ship.

With each conquest their culture and learning grew, but Inwit itself remained unchanged even as it became the centre of a stellar empire. I want to get an idea of how this is even possible, The Lunar class cruiser forms the mainstay of Battlefleet Obscuras with over six. The Ice World of Inwit as seen from orbit. Several famed members of the Imperial Fists Legion came from the ice tribes of Inwit, including Captain Alexis Polux. The vessel now operates on a level not seen in countless years.

The Iron Warriors used Daemonic computer viruses to take control of much of the station, forcing Tor Garadon to turn the Phalanx's guns on itself to cleanse the infected sections.

[12a], Phalanx is gigantic, the size of a small moon and is said to shine like a star. Rogal is a smart guy but he's not a magician.

System 2 T-70 X-Wings (Canon) vs 1 Fury Interceptor. Unknown Among the most prized are the Remains of Rogal Dorn and the battle honor Roma. Unknown

A 30 meter wide diamond sat at the top of the dome, the walls held beautiful reliefs, and the marble floor was further decorated with a mosaic of Imperial Fist imagery. Unknown

At the other end was a massive staircase leading to a kilometers long hall containing various trophies of conquest. [3a] It is also described as a ship that is "many kilometers long, triangular in cross-section with its upper surface bristling with weapons and sensorium domes. "[4], The massive foredeck was able to accept large transport ships, including the High Lords' ship Potus Terrae, the equivalent of a light cruiser.

Shon'tu and Be'lakor are seeking to outdo Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade by infesting the massive starship while on station in the Sol System and using it to bombard the Imperial Palace. 1 yeyinde.

They know how to learn, have an innate sense of an object's functional value and, most importantly, they have the strength to conquer those who possess knowledge they do not. The simile comparing them to wind-borne island continents doesn't exactly give us a good idea of their size.

Tidally locked against its dying star, perpetual darkness soaks one side of the planet, faded sunlight the other. https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Inwit?oldid=366688. When Cadia was destroyed, the Phalanx led the Imperial evacuation fleet out of the system.

Hostile / Sub-Zero Arctic

The ice hives and clan disputes remained and while their world birthed starships and ringed its orbits with weapon stations, its rulers kept to the old ways, the ways that had created their strength, the warlords and matriarchs who commanded armies amongst the stars still living lives little easier than their vassals.


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