Just looking to sell turnips for a few people to try and get my stamp for 10 million. It's really up to you. For these reasons, we are banning the use of turnip exchange for queues, effective immediately. If someone reaches over 200 bells, Riley and his colleagues might travel to that co-worker’s island to sell their crops. “My work from home quarantine lifestyle now involves: wake up, reach for Switch, [which is] outside of [my] bed, get back into bed, check turnip prices, submit them to the bot,” Riley says. Gemeinsam fiebern wir Animal Crossing: New Horizons entgegen und schwelgen in Erinnerungen zu Animal Crossing: New Leaf und seinen Vorgängern. Nookville ist der Discord Server zum gleichnamigen, deutschsprachigen Animal Crossing Forum https://www.nookville.de/. We are a 13+ SFW ACNH level 1 boosted discord server. ●───────────────────────● But pretty much anything over 200 is probably worth listing. Based largely on how it worked in New Leaf (of which I am a turnip veteran), and it seems to be mostly the same. Anyone else has a guide, let me know and I am happy to link. Recommended tip: 10%. Tips can NOT be required but highly recommended. Select the “I want visitors” option in the dialog choices. I know, cue massive groaning from some, and cheers from others. All hosts are lovely, but the best experience I ever had on here was with someone who hosts with Google Docs all the time and posts a spreadsheet with an updated queue. Tips appreciated but not necessary.Ended (turnip.exchange), submitted 11 days ago by mxlcx to r/ACNHTurnips, Turnips selling for 421CLOSED (turnip.exchange), submitted 13 days ago by msblkshots1002 to r/TurnipExchange, 411 Bells - open till noon PST (turnip.exchange), submitted 14 days ago by JDogggggggggggg to r/animalcrossingturnips, submitted 14 days ago by apskittles99 to r/AnimalCrossingNewHor, submitted 14 days ago by JibberdTheWizard to r/TurnipExchange, Crown is available to buy at the tailors. This site uses affiliate links. Monitor Turnip Prices Visit the plaform to view a range of Turnip prices offered. A place to post your daily Animal Crossing turnip price. share. If you track the price you paid for your turnips and the Nook brothers' price twice per day, then it will predict the pricing trends on your island with startling accuracy. Keep in mind these are approximations based on predictable turnip price patterns players have noticed, so the tool can and will be wrong — but it's also your best chance at getting advanced notice if your price spikes. I know, cue massive groaning from some, and cheers from others. Also, I had no idea TE were a cash grab on Patreon, which seems like a giant bucket of worms. Watson tells me she first designed the spreadsheet because a Discord group she’s in posted a basic graph of their prices. If you have a high price on your island, then users will still line up in droves. I need to know more about the wombat please. Trade Turnips × Close. u/Unicormfarts . Some are joining Reddit forums, ... A graph of one group’s turnip prices. Click on turnip exchange link. Inactive . If there's a particular recipe or piece of furniture you really want, you can mention it in your listing. Turnip prices! Rules and Guidelines. I'll let you know when it's to late so please don't be rude and still come after I told you this. RMM Ratings and Proofs. Tips or some turnips that I could sell would be very appreciated as I am currently broke. Turnip exchange is an external site that facilitates social exchange between players. Correction 4/14, 5:35PM ET: This story initially stated Tom Riley’s last name as Early. Message the mods. Please only come to sell turnips. So you’ve noticed that the Nooks on your island are buying turnips for 500 or even 600 Bells?


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