best compact 9mm 2019

HR has almost 40 years experience in his career in law enforcement positions. The full length of the pistol is a decent 6.25 inches, and the barrel comes in at 3.25 inches. Taurus pushed some boundaries with the G2S.

While the slide and grip are longer than the standard P365, the changes add only about a half-inch to height and overall length. The P365 XL’s 3.7-inch barrel is long enough to deliver plenty of 9mm power downrange. One of the most affordable of today’s top-tier compact 9s is the Taurus G3c, a 10+1 or 12+1 polymer-framed pistol with a 3.2-inch stainless steel barrel, overall length of 6.3 inches, a height of 5.1 inches, width of 1.2 inches and weight of 22 ounces.

However I DO have a CW 45, and I do not have a problem shooting it at all.

The SCCY is the most uncomfortable gun I’ve ever pulled the trigger on. Smith & Wesson wasn’t the first to bring out a subcompact 9mm pistol, but the company brought out one of the best with the M&P Shield, followed by the Shield M2.0. Some will feel great in your hand, some may not, but if at all possible, try to shoot as many different models as you can. So, you didn’t mention the Springfield XDs in 9mm…. These have been made snag-free and are dovetailed to the side. We move straight onto this Taurus G2C 9mm model, which comes in dark purple and black. Trigger performance is entwined with the action types, but they can differ from gun to gun. It also comes with three magazines; flush and pinky extension (6+1) and an extended (8+1). The 13-round mag sticks out the bottom, but with an extension matching the grip shape and texture. Both have a matte-black Melonite finish, which is corrosion- and wear-resistant.

The slide is made strong and durable due to its stainless steel construction.

I put modified Kahr springs in the mags and it works fine now. As such, this pistol is easily modified for both people and applications. Some still believe the only good self-defense round starts with a four and ends with a five, but even some of them have started looking at 9mm pistols. MSRP: Starts at $856 for the two-tone model. The company then added a ported version and an optics-ready version, which includes a 4-moa red dot sight. limp wrists, etc.) And, we’ll let you know our overall favorite at the end. Best known for its 1911 pistols, Kimber recently brought out a striker-fired pistol in 9mm.

You’ll be pleased to know that Taurus has added a white dot front sight and adjustable rear. They have fired thousands of rounds through these guns.

The XL is available with or without a manual thumb safety. The striker assembly is then removed from the back of the slide before finishing disassembly.

Aim small and make them count. I have an FNS9 (not the compact) and FNH makes excellent firearms, very underrated manufacturer imo. There are four main action types that we will cover in this article, which are striker-fired, double-action-only, double-action semi-automatic, and single-action. You also get a double-action-only trigger built into this pistol. I’m a big enough guy that it isn’t even noticable with IWB carry, so I don’t bother with a smaller gun. When shooting thousands of rounds through any gun, by many shooters, you will get an occasional misfire due to ammo or operator error (ie. It has great texturing and subtly molded finger grooves to fit average size hands. Don’t hold no value. And Ruger produces all this for a price under $400. Lastly, we should mention that you can get a version of this weapon with an added thumb safety. For more information, visit Ideally, you should want a slimline, short, and lightweight pistol that can be hidden away and carry for long periods without any hassle, or it being seen. A lever rides in the center of the trigger for added safety. I know you say yours are all single stack but when you can get an 11 round 9mm that is dimensionally smaller, lighter and cost less than most of the guns on your list, there’s no need to buy a single stack gun. It features a low-bore axis, easily manipulated slide catch, reversible magazine release, aggressive slide serration and a smooth DAO trigger. The P365XL is only 6.6 inches long and 4.8 inches high, with a width of 1.1 inches. Eleven-round magazines are flush-fitting and most concealable, and they come with an optional extender floorplate to give your pinky extra purchase if you don’t mind the mag making the gun a little taller. He has no more ftf with them than any other pistol on the range. Best Single Stack Subcompact 9mm Pistols – The Basics. This coating will add extra protection from corrosion and rugged use over time. Those interesting in a 9mm concealed carry gun that blends in a daily routine should consider the Springfield 911. So, that’s some of the basics covered – now, let’s roll on through the reviews…. One thing making the P365 XL so controllable and concealable is the sharp angle to the grip. It uses drift-adjustable three-dot luminescent sights, and comes with front and rear serrations, as well as an accessory rail. One model (shown) comes with an integral Crimson Trace laser installed. The stainless steel slide is matte black nitride finished. One of Sig’s many home runs in recent years, the compact, high-capacity 10+1 9mm P365. The under-frame rail mount has three locking points adaptable to a wide variety of lights or lasers. Capacity is a useful 13+1 rounds, with an extended 15-round magazine available. All-in-all, Sig Sauer offers a great little pistol here that should serve you well for years to come. We appreciate that Mossberg has added a solid stainless steel slide onto this set-up.

Additionally, its magazine release can be configured for right- or left-handed shooters, and it comes with tritium night sights. You must consider that sometimes it isn’t about “sticking around”, but “you can’t get away”.

The laser is instantly activated when the pistol is held in a natural firing grip, and it is easily adjusted for windage and elevation. A variety of sighting options are available, and the OSP model is machined to take a small red dot sight, such as the Shield RMSc. Many don’t realize that Mossberg’s first gun was a pistol. For more information, visit The G2S is an excellent, yet affordable, concealed carry pistol. Not quite a subcompact, but still easily carried, the FN 509 Midsize is the smaller version of the company’s entry to the Army’s modular handgun system. This subcompact pistol measures 6.52 inches long and 4.35 inches high, but still carries 11 rounds of 9mm ammunition. The gun ships with three magazines with yellow followers, and if you are able to get the 12-rounders in your state, they have a small cutout in their base plates to give you extra gripping room should you encounter a mag that’s being stubborn due to dirt or grit. The white dot is very easy to see, and the rear sight gives you that extra accuracy if desired.

pistolen-9mm-test 04.11.2019 Kompakte Polymerpistole im Test: Was kann die Ruger American Pistol Compact im Kaliber 9 mm Luger? Base models start at $569 and go to $599. If we had to pick one favorite out of the bunch here, we would solidly go for any of the…. The EVO SP pistol features a grip system that eliminates hardware on the grip surface. Looking for a superb holster to hold your new pistol in? MSRP: $316.89. You have the option of a seven-plus-one round or an eight-plus-one round magazine capacity.

However, the company didn’t stop there. Then we come onto the incredibly lightweight one pound of weight of this pistol design. It isn’t helpful.

The double-action-only pistols are well suited for beginners as the trigger will be consistently the same every time you shoot it. This hybridization provides a concealable pistol with four additional 9mm rounds over the G43. As such, this pistol provides full-size performance in a concealed carry package.

Also, the average shooter can fire a 9mm much more accurately than calibers that start with a four. For more information, visit Accuracy is way more important than power. Required fields are marked *, The Best Single Stack Subcompact 9mm Pistols in 2020, Best Single Stack Subcompact 9mm Pistols – The Basics, Best Single Stack Subcompact 9mm Pistols Reviews, Some great Concealed Carry Holster Options. The single stack set-up usually gives the gun more streamlined and lightweight characteristics. This subcompact pistol features a matte black polymer frame, white three-dot sights and a 3.4-inch barrel that the company button rifled.

We considered practical use as a fundamental factor in choosing these 9mm pistols. Its hard-anodized aluminum chassis features full-length guide rails, and it combines the smooth trigger pull of the LCP with the crisp feel and reset of a single action. As you can see, it uses an integrated blade safety to reduce the chance of a misfire through snagging, for example. Some final thoughts worth noting are the texturing is excellent for easy gripping, it’s a low profile design and the grip aligned beavertail at the back serves well to prevent slide bite. We can’t keep count of how many subcompact 9mm pistols are constantly released onto the market these days. The slide is treated to a Tenifer finish, and it’s nicely sculpted to reduce its profile. Jim and Scott show you how to make each trip to the shooting range a quality experience.

The P365 XL comes with SIG’s X-Ray 3 day/night sights, but the XL’s slide also features a plate for mounting ared dot sight.

The EZ series is designed to appeal to people with less physical strength, including the elderly, women and many entry-level shooters. Today, the 9mm semiautomatic is the standard issue sidearm of the US Army and is favored by law enforcement from the FBI on down. The CS stands for custom shop and comes with with Stiplex front and rear cocking serrations, Stiplex front strap checkering and G10 inspired black and gray grips and backstrap. Plus, at only 19 ounces, weight should not be an issue for day-long concealed carry. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. The striker-fired G3c has an internal striker-block safety, manual thumb safety on the left side, a trigger block safety in the center of the trigger, and a loaded chamber indicator. Since the popularity of 9mm pistols has skyrocketed in recent years, there is a huge range of models available in 2020. So, we decided to highlight 10 of the best concealed carry 9mm pistols available in 2019, and maybe just a little sooner. Mossberg dives into the CCW market with the MC1sc 9mm pistol (#89001), their first... Taurus introduces the compact version of their wildly successful 9mm pistol; the G3. Plus, we like the slide serrations added for a non-slip racking of the slide. I find it enjoyable to shoot for such a small gun.

That’s because the ‘SCCY’ is a purpose-built, cheap = unreliable firearm. I do NOT have a CW9, so cant comment on how it shoots.

MSRP: $450. Another change is that the slide now has a slick silver finish, which is coated with a special protective compound. This pistol also comes with Glock’s tradition dot front and U rear sights, as well as its reliability. You get what you pay for with guns.

Moving on, the next 9mm single stack is a double-action semi-auto offering from Ruger. Most subcompact 9mm pistols hold between seven and 10 rounds, with compact 9mms holding a few more.

MSRP: Starts at $532. When designing this gun, the company focused on ergonomics and controllability. Walther ppq sc 2. These guns are known to be lightweight, very concealable, and good for home defense or for highly effective concealed carry. It’s a double-action semi-automatic system, which shoots predictably with minimal effort. Kimber produces the EVO SP in four configurations— the CS, CDP, TLE and the Two-Tone. Unlike its G2c predecessor, the sights on the G3c are steel, with a plain serrated rear sight and a white dot front sight. 1 Taurus G2C 9mm Dark Purple and Black Pistol – 1-G2C931-12DP – Best High Capacity Single Stack Subcompact 9mm Pistol, 2 Walther Arms INC – PPS M2 3.18in 9mm Black 7+1RD, 3 Ruger LC9 – Best Lightweight Single Stack Subcompact 9mm Pistol, 4 Smith & Wesson – M&P9 Shield 2.0 9mm No Safety, 5 Sig Sauer – P365 9mm 3.1″ BL/SYN Nite Sight 10+1, 8 Mossberg MC1SC Subcompact Semi-Auto Pistol with Cross-Bolt Safety, Taurus G2C 9mm Dark Purple and Black Pistol – 1-G2C931-12DP – Best High Capacity Single Stack Subcompact 9mm Pistol, Walther Arms INC – PPS M2 3.18in 9mm Black 7+1RD, Ruger LC9 – Best Lightweight Single Stack Subcompact 9mm Pistol, Smith & Wesson – M&P9 Shield 2.0 9mm No Safety, Sig Sauer – P365 9mm 3.1″ BL/SYN Nite Sight 10+1, Mossberg MC1SC Subcompact Semi-Auto Pistol with Cross-Bolt Safety, Top 8 Best Thermal Scopes On The Market 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide, Best Aimpoint for AR15 On The Market 2020 Reviews, 8 Best Tactical Shotguns for Home Defense in 2020 – Ultimate Reviews & Buyer’s Guide, Best Handgun for Beginners & Home Defense in 2020 Reviews, Top 5 Best .380 Pistols For Concealed Carry in 2020 – The Real Manstoppers, Review Of Top 5 Best Pistols For 3 Gun Competition [2020].


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