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I miss the lack of 'things to do' between matches. Cheers lads, Robinho doesn't show up in my game for some reason? Yeah CM03/04 is one of my favourites, my favourite players are probably... Evandro Roncatto, Cristiano Ronaldo and Patrice Evra, Load Scotland leagues and sign Stephen Dobbie from Hibs and sign Jonathan Soriano from Espanyol, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.
Sign up for a new account in our community. And even when you lose, you don't get the impression that it's all part of a plan to destroy your confidence and any enjoyment you may have from the game. Of coz the the best is still freddy adu! He's 15 at the start of the game, you can sign with a compensation of around £1M and he's probably the best player in the game.

Some random factors to do with his potential i expect... Oh, i second agahowa too, and juve never seem to play him...!! [More info], All files types: Full Games | Demos | Using the diablo tactic he scored 128 in his first season, at 15, then 16 years old. Cheat tactic that exploits the match engine, your AMC will score over 100 goals in a season and will more than likely never lose a game. AWESOME! The game is as also know as Scudetto in Italy and L'Entraineur in French. Played 12 won 3 drawn 6 lost 3. Lastly, seems a bit hit and miss but anthony le tallec from liverpool can be a bargain in some games and cack in others. My first ever FM type game! Is it quicker? Although I have to say it was my first CM/FM and I loved it at the time. I had a very enjoyable save on 03/04 with Bolton. I did love CM3 but having gone back to it not so long ago it does feel a little 'dated' nowadays.... CM 03/04 however is still my fave...! Was it 03-04 when lots of the lower league clubs had amazing players???

There's loads more, but those were the ones I could think of right now. They were destroying Btw CM 03.04 is my favourite game manager ever! Bit sick of FM 09 now and decided to dig out CM 03-04 which imo is the best, love it myself! All this love for CM4, I remember the amount of chaos and moaning on the forum when it first came out, loads of people saying it was broken. GK Sebastian Frey James Jowsey (england no 1 -13.., Championship Manager 03/04 PC rolo, August 8, 2009 in Football Manager General Discussion. jebb or jabb cant rmb... richardson, lennon, huddlestone and dawson have high PA on that game if i rmb correctly. In terms of CA nothing near world class, but his attributes perfectly exploited the flaws in the match engine.

We won the league twice and got to two CL finals. It's easy!

Just thought of Dean Keates too but cant remember which club he was at! We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. C. Ronaldo is wonderkid on that game so mybe try him. Lee Holmes AML from Derby, Daniel Fredheim Holm. Henry as mentioned is a beast. Cm 03/04 my imo best ever Cm/fm game, Played on that game more than any of ther others. But already I am getting small reponses/improvements from my players. I probably rate this above 01/02 and 07 as the best in the series. 2001 was the best ever, wasn't it? Alan O'hare - a good left back for Division 1, Not sure which club he his at i know its a divison 2 team. 03 04 was great - tempted to rebuy it. Championship Manager: Season 03/04 is the 2003 version of the soccer management sim developed by Sports Interactive and published by Eidos.

interms of processing speed, how does it compare to fm 08/09? Awesome central midfielder.
© Sports Interactive 2016 Raid west ham for good players and wimbledon as i always pretty much played as arsenal or west ham. also, Eduardo Ratinho. I am looking forward to a long and successful re-union with my old friend 03/04 !! I remember Mark Smith of Bristol Rovers went on to be one of the best centre halfs in the game. He's 15 at the start of the game, you can sign with a compensation of around £1M and he's probably the best player in the game. Just gone back to 03/04. Just remembered some other buys for Championship(division 1), Leroy Lita from Bristol City Fast striker, Robert Earnshaw from Cardiff other than Defoe best striker in that league on the game. I originally played 03/04 for over three years, watching every game fully and loved every minute (Accrington,England,Blackburn).It felt much much closer to reality than anything in recent versions which have all been about micro tactics. Retro game cheats for Championship Manager 03/04 (PC). The other one at Bristol Rovers was Jellyman. David Bellion and Richie Partridge 2 right wingers you can get on loan at the start of the game from Man Utd and Liverpool they both become class.

(Since then he has always really in every other game) and saved my side so many times when it looked like i would lose.

But playing alongside Owen It is a match made in heaven.

think i had a defender from mansfield DLC what was his will come to me!

Jerome thomas was pretty good iirc. I always ask myself what is the point of playing a managing game then????????? I have a blackpool team now in the prem and I have an elite team and am ready to share it with you. The lack of interaction features with players and press means you have to spend more time scouting and building for the future. I played with Man Utd, and approched im in zhe first half-season. Since it's been so long since I last played it I have forgotten the 'gems' of the game, can anyone remember any players that re must buys?

Get Cristiano Ronaldo He becomes a beast! Shaun Barker, Porarin Brynar Kristjansson, Hjalmar Porarinsson, Eremenko Jr, Nathan Ellington, David Thompson, Arek Radomski, Ville Forss, Michal Danek (the last two MAY have been regens). Football Manager General Discussion Forums. Championship Manager 03/04 Update 2019 2020, Create a website and earn with Altervista - Disclaimer - Report Abuse - HOW TO INSTALL UPDATE - Privacy Policy - Customize advertising tracking, ( CM137TEAM) JOIN our TEAM and UPDATE YOUR COUNTRY ( especially lower Leagues ) CONTINUE…, Con Windows 10 potreste avere un problema di compatibilita’ ma e’ facile da risolvere; una…, With Windows 10 you could have some compatibility issues but it is really easy to…, F1 Grand Prix Manager 2 2019 Mod DOWNLOAD LINK in YT Video DESCRIPTION ( just…, UPDATE INSTALLATION GUIDE – STEP BY STEP A small premise, consider that the GAME is…, ISTRUZIONI INSTALLAZIONE UPDATE – GUIDA PASSO PASSO Una piccola premessa, considerate che il GIOCO ha…, Details of Done Updates – CM137Team Championship Manager 03/04 UPDATE 2019/2020 A Related Event to…, Championship Manager 03/04 UPDATE 2019/2020, F1 Grand Prix Manager 2 2019 Mod Download – Another Updated Game – Un altro gioco Aggiornato, Problemi Compatibilita’ – Compatibility Issues, Training, Tactics, more tools for cm 03/04 – Championship Manager 03/04 Update 2019 2020, F1 Grand Prix Manager 2 2019 Mod Download – Another Updated Game, Create a website and earn with Altervista. Can't remeber anymore, but if i do, I'll let you know. This was the original champ manager 3, mark smith was amazing, but also jamie shore & trevor challis from bristol rovers too. Using the diablo tactic he scored 128 in his first season, at 15, then 16 years old. Lionel Morgan gets class from Wimbledon, Wimbledon go into receivership soon into game so you can get him cheap, Also Nigel Reo-Coker from Wimbledon is also a bargin buy.

Yeah shame hes not like that now in real life! We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information you’ve provided to them or they’ve collected from your use of their services. Robinho, Supat Rungratsamee were in my attack in 2010. Julius Aghahowa was a beast on that version of the game too. second season for me he hit 61 goals (4 in the FA cup final against Newcastle). Then Tevez. In my next seasons he was scoring like crazy. Freeola has over 100,000 cheat codes for 12,348 games. Oh my word! As was Daniel Braaten and Kim Kallstrom. IMO Football Manager has become Football Coach in the last few versions and the impact of your decisions is neglible. Bruno gama as a rw is worth a look, as is steven taylor from newcastle (usually leaves ona free at eofs) and mexes (usually xfers within first few weeks of a new game for 3-4m). And as a supposed football manager, I really do think I will live or die by the way I perform whilst playing the game. Lucio (has a £10.75m minimum fee release clause IIRC), Patrice Evra (probably the most consistent player I've ever had, he simply had to turn up to get an 8/10), Alessio Cerci (as already mentioned, LETHAL in the Diablo tactic), LOL @ Old School, Old school is CM97/98, no training, no 2D/3D Commentary only, 1 first team Squad, pick the team, click next game, get a season done in 3 hours. Fully expect long hard first season possibly with relegation struggle. or was it 2000? Sure you can still lose in the last minute of a match you should have easily won but it's not 12 times in 13 consecutive matches as you get in the more recent versions. Lots of good players, but being arsenal you should have some cash so diego (now of juve fame) from santos is a good bet (although if robinho isn't there he may also not be), someone's already mentioned cavenaghi & kallstrom, pazzini from atalanta scores goals for fun and jerome rothen is a good performance/cost left winger. A CM 03/04 thread and Alessio Cerci mentioned only once. Dean keates was indeed awesome, im thinking rightly or wrongly walsall in that game? Sure, I miss the features of 07/08/09. Supat Rungratsamee, Adu Ahh the days! But Supat Rungratsamee is a must! It was the last CM/FM, imo, that was genuinely pick up and play. Historias CM La epopeya del mánager podrá aquí ser vista y admirada por el resto de foreros. Orri Freyr Oskarsson. forgot to say IMO Henry is the best player in CM 03-04.


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