empress ki ending

He knew that she was on her way to see Ta-hwan and he didn’t want to see their relationship fell out because of the matter regarding Yoo. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! remeber he doesn’t a lot of thing’s that wang did nyang in short he does not have the same point of view as the veiwer’s have. Taltal told Seung-nyang that Ta-hwan said that it was to protect her and wondered if it was something that should be kept a secret forever.

She just married the “throne”, so she could avenge her parents and for Koryo’s sake, and Wang Yoo’s as well. That exiled in koryo has a purpose, to meet their fate. in bath hondana smiles bcz even she relized whats going on with her from sys body language . Ta Hwan endangered his people’s lives by putting them into war. It’s just WY and her faithful followers right? A perfect person in an imperfect world, he was reasonable enough to take whatever life throws at him.

Her next destination was the prison, where the captured men were being interrogated; however, Taltal informed her that they didn’t know anything about their leader. However it is good that he actually noticed and still has his full sense of awareness to know when it happened. If it’s you, I believe it’s something you can achieve. She was his lover, and vice versa. Also, WY shippers, it NEVER happened in real life. Tessieroo: She said it, she finally said it. Stop messing with (me and) Dok-man’s heart, Ta-hwan!! The drama felt long… it could’ve been cut to maybe 35-40 episodes. They finally gave it back, but only to kill him. Rinchan: Allow me to reiterate, a big thanks to all the readers who popped in each week. Thanks so much for the blog. It will go on until the last of her son’s children. He was the person who knew her most. Ta hwan’s coward but found courage in nyang, which is in reality that’s what it is, you always have something or someone to help you pull yourself up when you’re so down and helpless, in that case, i understood the obsession of keeping her. Huhuhuhuhu! When did I realize Nyang love Ta-Hwan? Did you notice how she touched peah? As towards the last ten episodes, there were lots of repetitive plots and unnecessary twists. For me that picture seems to sum up the essence of the preceding drama and its not about choice. Q: “Yeah your right that AYU was born, but don’t forget that there is MAHA first.

No one forced me to root for him either. Revenge only does you more damage than what you bargained for. A: She did fell for him, Ha-Ji-Won often felt concern over it not expressed in the script, Ji-Chang-Wook, too said similar. 4- in ep34 when she finaly went to ths chamber (olala secne) . He asked whether the thing he learned from Dangkise was true and she confirmed it: Maha was indeed Seung-nyang’s son with Yoo and Yoo only got to know about it recently. She became an Empress too late that they failed to establish the point of being one, and if she helped her Koryo people. Seung-nyang: Once you return to Goryeo, please promise me one thing. They went back to the palace and Seung-nyang thought that Ta-hwan wanted to be alone becuase he was upset with Yoo’s appearance, but he put his ‘I’m fine’ face, saying that he was grateful that she was safe and he won’t forget Yoo’s deed. You cannot find an Emperor who is such a scaredy cat as TH. There was always something happening, and the author found clever ways to tie in  history, because apparently there were some viewers that were asking for it. Ta-hwan kissed Seung-nyang’s forehead and hugged her but he had something else on his mind. I chose to think of the ending as the alternate universe and Ki chose to ride on Wang Yoo’s horsie instead. She was angry to people who killed her parents, but she forgot her anger to Ta Hwan. He was inlove with her right from the start. But I do agree with the comments said, Seung Yang always loved Ta Hwan after all this time. So my 50 episodes of hatred for the Emperor changed into a feeling of indifference for him in the final episode. But I’m asking you. He was cunning. Why?

Maha is intelligent like his father, but Ta Hwan forbid him to learn, since he saw Maha as threat to his own son, Ayu. (1), She didn’t sacrifice her love for the greater good. He is another man who protected Ki with his life. I loved it all the way, although I definitely grumbled about parts of it here and there. So needed somewhere to process my thoughts, this was perfect. because we’re talking about a real life drama and not a disney movie. In fact while the Emperor was sick they could’ve had her and Wang Yu talk more in private – about their Son, explain to him why she did what she had to do. He became the trustworthy regent, the prime minister who finally had the guts to prevent corrupt practices in the palace. Ta Hwan resented him since he knows Maha is not his son. She heard about Ta-hwan’s plan from Dok-man and the Emperor’s health was not getting better. While in a way I think she loved Ta Hwan I feel due to his weaknesses and dependency respect for the man was not there. Everything has been said and done with this show. but i love the story of drama coz nyang & ta-hwan they love each other. Golta: I’ve never betrayed anyone. WY on the otherhand was a hero to the end. That’s what he do all the time, anyway. She was at shocked right?

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I had to rewatch the ending over and over again… and analyze it further. really it was a nice drama,, and a teaching play.

She wasn’t willing to give her life to Yuan people, Ta Hwan’s people. Even before, she keeps telling ta hwan that one day, she will reveal her true feelings when they’re old and that everything she do, she do it for him and ayu (securing the crown means no one will make them underdog again). First love is not usually real love, its the memories that printed on. That is why I made an article about my thoughts. It would imply that she made the wrong choice. The reason why she didn’t say a word during the emperor’s death scene was because 3, she was expecting his death, she already knew he’d taken poison to save her life. Amazing story and powerful script. She offered herself to Ta Hwan out of duty, to bear a son, and to become an Empress. He loved her with all he had, at the same time doing his duty as a King. I was willing to go through a 51-episode journey back to the Koryo and Yuan era. “This is all thanks to Yom Byung Soo, who has been creating those fake letters”. if sy stick with th and didnt make him lonly in that sensetive perid of time , these wouldnt happend, never There was an unexpected attraction.

And for the last thing I want to say is, Why do Ta Hwan need to kill Wangyoo? Everything a King should be.

How could anyone fall for him? I will just answer some. I am a WY shipper but I am a reasonable one, one that admitted defeat after watching the drama again, it’s always been TH, and as WY shipper, it does hurt to admit it, but like I said, I’m a reasonable. Nyang loves ta hwan all along with their fond memories and hardships. At the end well for me …hehe. It would be certain that news would have got back very quickly to Yuan. Without Wang Yu, Togon would be dead 10 times over, Why did Wang Yu have to die… What lesson is being taught… He did so much good.. That is how you will describe a true man. Then suddenly her attention was on MAHA, why? Golta argued that what he did was only trying to switch the weaker person with a more powerful figure. the second empress section) and it still tied well. It may be a confirmation of her love for him, after all, time has passed and maybe she also learned to love him. Empress Ki immediately reported her findings to the Emperor and told him that Chancellor Taltal was investigating the staff and servants as they talked. Ta-Hwan and Nyang were in the archives. He wished for Ta-hwan to have a fast recovery and Ta-hwan opened his eyes, calling Dok-man’s name.

Golta assumed that Yoo was the fake leader who had snatched their asset and grains and now, the Emperor would kill Yoo. This couple has truly over come a lot. She offered to send the clothes to the Dowager, only to get a cold response in return. My absolute favorite “I can see you having my babies.” ROFL. She just want to be the consort of The Emperor because she is so desperate to take revenge to those who killed her son. this actions of wy was disgusting for many viewers (for me was sweet and funny) . She sacrifices her love for Wang Yoo for Koryo people and for her own revenge. Although my fate with you ends here, I have no regret at all. They obviously tried a last-ditch of effort to save Ta Hwan’s character, but failed to do so. He lost his life for someone else’s foolish reasons, and by the hands of an unworthy opponent. She’s feeling guilty because that is just the time when she finally realize that Wangyoo is the man who can protect her until the end. (from her actions its like a heavy burden lifted from her shulders) . I thought the drama was clever in bringing out how difficult it was for him to survive as a child growing amongst all that palace intrigue, manipulation, lack of love and constant fearing for his life. Also, Seung Nyang loved Wang Yoo without asking for anything in return. Change ), KDrama Thoughts: Empress Ki [Hwatu] – The End Does Not Justify The Means. If not for his help in exposing the corruption in Eagle House, El Temur would never be executed, the primary thorn in the Yuan Emperor’s life. Killing off Maha was daft. He definitely got a more heroic death in the drama than in history, but I wish they let him live. I would make the best effort to repay it.”  It meant she would make up for everything in the after life. I bet he also envies Wang Yoo for having people who are willing to die in his place, because he himself couldn’t trust his men, they are all traitors. Byul: Mother..(Seung-nyang smiled when she heard this ㅠㅠ) Father is teaching me martial arts and he will teach me horse riding. Actions speak louder than words. Wang Hoo was a strong, loyal, selfless man deserving of any women’s love and respect. I would’ve ridden the Ta Hwan bandwagon since then. Please, let’s not judge each other’s AGE based on what I wrote. Empress Dowager was not that happy to find out that Seung-nyang had been supporting the people from Goryeo outside the palace and it got worse when she saw the concubines, who were all of Yuan blood, wearing Goryeo hanbok proudly.


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