fatal car accident 2920

“Mr. When victims lose their lives in collisions caused by the negligent or reckless acts of others, it is crucial for surviving relatives to contact a wrongful death attorney in Texas as soon as possible. Any inaccurate information will be corrected immediately after being brought to the site’s attention. Benton is an Awesome attorney! But my husband was seriously injured in a car accident two years ago and I didn’t know which way to turn.

None of those taken to the hospital appeared to have life-threatening injuries, deputies said.

The SUV and the 18-wheeler collided, which caused the 18-wheeler to flip over. We’re still open and available for free video consultations. Copyright © 2012-2017 The Benton Law Firm. Everyone in the Benton Law office is very kind and professional! Principal Office: 1825 Market Center Blvd #350, Dallas, TX 75207 That was, to me, an awesome attorney. He handled complicated communications with multiple parties very well and was able to guide me through the process. Spring, TX -- May 1, 2020, one person was killed and another was injured following an accident where their vehicles collided head-on along FM 2920. I definitely recommend Jeff to anyone.”, “Mr. His staff is exceptional. Our thoughts are with them at this time. Being sharp, knowledgeable and effective, Jeff Benton was able to settle my case and the hospital bills within record time.

Very professional and honest law firm.”, “I had a good experience. Disclaimer: The intent of this post is to provide general information to our readers and to help improve the safety and quality of life to those who live in our state. An 18-wheeler came up behind the woman’s SUV in the traffic jam. In the end, I am completely satisfied with the results. Karla was with me every step of the way. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends! He treated me like family from the start, made sure I had the best of the best healthcare even though I had no health insurance. I will be forever grateful. I was always able to reach someone on the phone when I called. Benton handled my case with sensitivity and always took the time to answer all of my questions. They took on a very difficult case and won it!”, “My experience with The Benton Law Firm was very pleasant. I was badly injured in an accident that resulted in a three level cervical fusion and Jeff was able to secure a settlement for me that was life changing. According to reports, a female was traveling along the roadway in an SUV when she was caught in the middle of a traffic jam near Hegar Road. 1 Killed, 1 Injured in Head-On Crash on FM 2920 near Spring. Their office kept me informed of all the hearings and they were very sympathic to all of my injuries and the outcome of my medical treatment. You should seek further assistance from a legal or medical professional if you or a loved one is a victim in an accident. All rights reserved. His team communicated consistently and professionally and remained patient during some emotional situations.


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