female bronze turkey

The telltale signs for me, were size of body- the males of any breed are larger than the females of the same breed. The turkeys are typically medium to large in size. While the females have much duller coloration and drabber appearance.

This is where the difference in coloring occurs. Goat Coloration in the turkeys were genetically removed in the 1960s when commercial turkey production gained popularity. Like fanning the tail, gobbling is an act of dominance. My broad breasted white tom started strutting @ 2 weeks. Quail Good shelter is also mandatory so that they are protected from potential predators and harsh weather conditions. While the males have spurs or small spike-shaped bumps that should be visible from a moderate distance. [2] In the British Isles, the Bronze was associated with Cambridge, and was called the Cambridge Bronze, but again this name has been simplified to just "Bronze".

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Enter every day to increase your chances of winning! The Bronze strain is an American origination and admitted into the American Standard of Perfection in 1874. The name refers to its plumage, which bears an iridescent bronze-like sheen. Bronze Turkey Characteristics. The Bronze turkey is a breed of domestic turkey which was originated from crosses between the domestic turkeys brought by European colonists to the Americas and the eastern wild turkeys they found upon their arrival.

They tend to have the ability to withstand any type of climate. Closely observer the coloration of your birds for determining turkey gender. Ostrich Male turkey generally use this spurs for the purposes of dominance and defense. The wild game genes present in the breed make them be hardy and robust. However, you need to keep the turkey chicks under a warm condition so that they can stay healthy and strong throughout. Turkeys tend to drink plenty of water and it is recommended to provide fresh clean water for them. Turkey, About Us Although, success in vent method requires a keen eye and lots of practice. Quail Stay tuned for the first newsletter in the morning, straight to your inbox.

How to determine male pigeon and female pegion, https://www.roysfarm.com/determining-pigeon-gender/, Where can i get fertilised eggs for Bourbon red and Blue Slate? Bronze turkey is the most admired domestic breed of turkeys among many people across the world. Female turkeys keep their tail down. This Heritage turkey breed originated from crossing domestic turkeys brought to the Americas by …

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If you are a beginner, you can easily identify male turkeys from females if you follow the above mentioned systems. For now, feel free to continue reading. However, the average turkey weight for a male is 11.5 kg while that of bronze turkey hen is about 7.25kg. In this series of turkey breeds, you will discover information about the history and origin of the bird, physical characteristics and other facts relating to it. Most Americans and the British love the breed during the Thanksgiving seasons. Deer Head of the male turkey can switch from red to blue to white. If you observe a group of turkey, any adult male turkey should appear notably larger than any nearby females. Job Circular The turkeys are typically medium to large in size. White tipped feathers on the breast, it's a hen. However, colored feathers of the turkey were genetically removed in the 1960s for commercial turkey farming business. Disclaimer Sheep, Bee

Turkey, About Us They are relatively slow to grow.

These outlets are the main market platforms for your flocks once they have matured and ready for consumption. Listening to the call of your birds is also an option for determining turkey gender. Read some more information about this domestic turkey breed below.


You must log in or register to reply here. Collectively, the Standard and Broad Breasted varieties are simply called the Bronze turkey. Also, remember to vaccinate them in order to prevent them from contracting common poultry diseases. Although closer view of the birds is also required sometimes for determining turkey gender (for example, young males may lack some of the characteristics that adult males possess, and this could cause confusion). There are several things to consider. Later in its history, the breed was divided into two distinct types: the Broad Breasted Bronze and the Standard Bronze.

Chicken Generally, the males have more brightly colored feathers than the females. If it's the same thickness/width from the head to the tip, and is very short, it's a female. Production Rate The name refers to its plumage, which bears an iridescent bronze-like sheen. It had been the most popular turkey breed throughout most of American History. These matings produced a bird that was larger and more robust than the European turkeys, and tamer than wild turkeys. Cow Most of the male turkeys generally have completely featherless heads, while the females have small feathers that extend over the top of their heads. Subscribe ROY'S FARM newsletter for news, updates and receiving notifications of new posts by email. The Standard is listed as "Critical", but the exact numbers of Broad Breasted are currently unclear. There are many behavioral and physical characteristics that you can observe for identifying males and females.

The Bronze turkey is a medium to large sized birds with stately and imposing appearance.

On the other hand, male turkeys frequently raise their tails into the shape of a fan (actually fanning the tails is an act of dominance for the male turkeys).

As well as the face & neck changed colors with caruncles. The Bronze is a breed of domestic turkey. Sometimes hen chickens will start to act like roosters and even try to crow if there are no roosters around. Their colors seem to be identical to each other, so that wasn't helping me figure it out. And the method has around 90 to 95 percent success rate. The breed brought about after crossbreeding was found to be larger and robust thus the reason behind its popularity across the country. You only need to vaccinate them in order to reduce the risks of becoming susceptible to these diseases. If the snood is flattened out where it joins the head, and it elongates and retracts, you have a male. Subscribe ROY'S FARM newsletter for news, updates and receiving notifications of new posts by email. Feather color is a pretty good trait, and should be fairly obvious by 12 to 15 weeks, so I think you could apply that. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. When checking breast feathers, only look at the lower third of the breast. These are the most common ways for determining turkey gender.

About Broad Breasted White Turkeys: The #1 Turkey Meat Producer, 12 Odd Tips on Raising Heritage Breed Turkeys You Need to Know. However, there is scant information about the breed and a lot of people have remained behind the keyboard in order to get the right domestic turkey facts. Or visit our Learning Center for articles on How To Raise Chickens. You should note that both the broad-breasted and standard bronze are listed in the livestock conservancy since they are becoming scarce.


$100 Still up-for-grabs in our TSC / Amazon Giveaway! Size and Weight. While the females have much duller coloration and drabber appearance. Advertise Privacy Policy The tiger bronze turkey has the ability to adapt to different weather climates within a short period of time. The Bronze had been the most popular turkey throughout most of American history, but waned in popularity beginning in the mid-20th century. [4], Today, both the Standard and Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys are listed on the ALBC's conservation priority list. The Bronze turkey is mainly raised and used for meat production. Average live body weight of the mature Bronze hens is around 7.25 kg. The breed of turkey came into existing after crossbreeding between domestic turkeys brought to England with the incredible breed of wild turkey.

bucket04,When did ur tom start to gobble at what age?And thank u for ur input. Thank you lagerdogger i did post the pics of those birds they are the first 3 pics in the second batch of pics the first 2 pics are the same bird and the 3rd pic is the other bird i was wondering about.These 2 birds are bigger as in wider and feet are bigger.There snoods will elongate and retract when they get excited they elongate.I have one of those gobble calls for turkey hunting and both will come over and start to display and start spit drumming when i start to shake it.iI guess time will tell. Later in its history, the breed was divided into two distinct types: the Broad Breasted Bronze and the Standard Bronze. Privacy Policy The breed was discovered at around the 18th century but the name bronze came into existence at around 1830s. They are very beautiful birds and well known for their unique plumage.

And in most cases, the more brightly colored males generally have the greatest success.

A great deal of confusion exists about the difference between Standard and Broad Breasted Bronzes, or that there is any difference at all. Toms tend to have larger feet than the hens for the same sized bird. Ostrich A small proportion of female turkeys may have a beard and therefore can be legally harvested. The good thing about the breed is that they are hardy and robust. Female domestic turkeys are referred to as hens, and the chicks may be called poults or turkeylings. I have several turkeys, 2 of them are Bronze, and I happened to get one male and one female.


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