geelong theme song origin
We’re flying high! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The uber spiteful ones from back when salt was a major economic mover and shaker in the west? Originally from a tune called, “Row Row Row” from the 1912 season of US variety show The Ziegfeld Follies, even a non-Richmond supporter has to admit that this club song is right on the money as far as proud football songs go. When the Crows’ faithful hear this, the well-heeled mob just wants to head up to a snug cabin in the Barossa, charge their crystal Chardonnay glasses and toast the original South Australian team in the AFL in merriment (before those cross-town ruffians the Power showed up). It can result in long-running feuds: For example, did Wayne Harmes really kick the ball out in the 1979 grand final? The North Melbourne club song, ‘Join in the chorus,’ was adopted from the tune ‘Wee Doech ‘n Dorus’ in the 1920s. It was first played at Football Park in Adelaide, following Port Adelaide’s win over Geelong in Round 3, 1997. While Geelong fans would agree that it was, many other fans don’t share the same view.

So without further ado – here is the absolute definitive ranking of AFL songs – from worst to best. The aggressive horns and the invigorating lyrics will have you pumping your fists and feeling like running out for GWS! Christian Petracca has polled his highest amount of votes ever placing equal third in the 2020 Brownlow Medal with 20 votes ... TOM MCDONALD UP FOR TRADE?

In any weather you will see us with a grin, We always weaken when the pressure is put on. Michael Hibberd has re-signed for 1 year to extend his contract with the club until the end of 2021 ... READ MORE. It is generally accepted the lyrics were written by a relative of then Carlton coach Dan Minogue. Marty Hore has been given a 1 year deal whilst Charlie Spargo has signed on for 2 more years ... NATHAN JONES RE-SIGNS Gamble was humming the theme song for the television show ‘Sunnyside Up’ a weekly variety program produced at HSV-7 Melbourne, during the late 1950s and early 1960s. In 1956, Club solicitor Chick Lander worked with composer Jack O’Hagan- who wrote ‘Along the Rode to Gundagai’- to come up with ‘The Mighty Fighting Hawks’. WE are the Suns of the Gold Coast sky; We are one in the red, gold and blue; We are the mighty Gold Coast Suns; We play to win the flag for you; Fight! They are happy and they want to sing about being happy, dammit! Your everyday household power outlet?

To assign a user flair to yourself, expand the 'Community Options' drop-down menu below, and click on the pencil icon. PORT ADELAIDE AGGRESSION”. Let’s just hope, in this political climate, that they are running on clean energy and not coal.

... GEELONG (We are Geelong) Based on: The Toreador Song. I would like to share some lyrics I penned which I think are suitable. If you listen to the words it simply wouldnt be written today! Kicked 2 or 3, and one straight out of the center was classic Moloney. The team had been to see Casablanca and were particularly moved by the scene in the restaurant where the Nazis are silenced by the French, who overpower them by singing ‘La Marseillaise’.

Until 1961, the club song was an adaptation of ‘Spring time in the Rockies’ by American country star Gene Autry.

Founded: 1987 as the Brisbane Bears — they became the Brisbane Lions when they merged with Fitzroy in 1996. F- Finals. Finally found the non-leaking version. Shortest lyrics of any club song. In the four matches playe, Fremantle gave Melbourne the old heave ho’ from playing finals in 2020, in conditions that the Demons yet again failed to handle. Former Demon Captain Brad Green will join the Melbourne Football Club Board of Directors in November ... PETRACCA PLACES 3RD

And boy — do the Sydney Swans need it. What about in The Club when Hawthorn sing "bobbing up and down like this" because nobody wanted to pay for the rights to Yankee Doodle Dandy.

After playing the song over and over and still singing the tune the next morning, Suns CEO Travis Auld was convinced they’d found the one. They need to be catchy, a good ditty. If our friends from Adelaide hadn’t smartened up in 1994 and actually gotten themselves a real club song, there is no question the original shameless advertising jingle would be dead last on this list. The Dees are having more on-field success these days, so we are hearing this one more often than we had been in the dark days of the late 2000s. Come what may, you’ll find us striving Team work is the thing that talks, One for all and all for one Is the way we play at Hawthorn. The club used this theme from around 1929-1931 — the lyrics have been claimed to be written by multiple parties. Thanks.

The lyrics are so patriotic, it just makes you wish you could be a South Australian to sing the song and feel damn good about being a South Australian. The theme is sung to the tune of The Marine’s Hymn, ‘From the Halls of Montezuma’, from the early 20th century. Basically, North are saying that they will be premiers again, one day. You can’t say that the Carlton fans don’t rally behind this tune. How a season was ruined.

“Good Old Collingwood Forever” is probably the most well-known AFL club song – opposing teams/supporters have often heard the Magpie faithful belt out this song at one point or another. Initially, the French embassy in Melbourne complained about the use of their national anthem. Good for you Geelong! Would that be good to sing on Grand Final day or what. It all came down in the end to a goal-line decision as to whether a freakish shot by Christian Petracca was touched and the goal u, Melbourne is, not for the first time, paying for lapses in matches whereby the club leaks multiple goals without answer and which usually cost the club in those all-important eight point games as it did last week against the Western Bulldogs which replaced the Demons in the AFL top eight.


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