gloucestershire regiment in burma

Then, in 1948, the two regular battalions merged. It served in many British Army campaigns until 1881, when it became part of The Gloucestershire Regiment. The battalion participated in two attacks against the Bulgarian lines, on 25 April and 8 May 1917, during the Battle of Dojran. As the threat of invasion receded, most of these home defence battalions were disbanded, the 8th and 70th in 1942, the 9th in 1943, and the Home Guard in 1945. It was taken over by the War Office in June 1915 and left for France in November as part of the 95th Brigade in the 5th Division. The troops were caught in the open for several hours before they were able to extricate themselves at the cost of five men killed, including the battalion commander, and 58 wounded. It was soon joined in South Africa by 2nd Battalion. Completely surrounded, with our lack of weapons there was only one thing to do. In July 1915, it was taken over by the War Office and went to France in March 1916 as divisional pioneers to the 39th Division. The battalion saw action in the Battle of Normandy: at Tilly-sur-Seulles on 11 June during Operation Perch; along the Saint-Germain d'Ectot ridge on 30 July during Operation Bluecoat; and at Thury-Harcourt on 12 August in the prelude to Operation Tractable. [35], Private Barton, 1st BattalionBattle of LangemarckOctober 1914[36], Early in 1917, the 1st Division moved south of the Somme, and the 1st Battalion participated in the advance to the Hindenburg Line. [87][88] Four awards of the VC were made to men serving with the regiment during the war, along with 47 Distinguished Service Orders (DSO), 188 Distinguished Conduct Medals (DCM), 265 Military Crosses (MC) and 747 Military Medals (MM). This infantry unit was raised in 1881. It served until 1959, when it was merged into The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment (Berkshire and Wiltshire). It rejoined the division in the middle of April and fought in the unsuccessful attempt to lift the siege of Kut. [89], After the end of the First World War, the regiment resumed alternate postings home and abroad. The battalion's last action of the war came on 9 September, in a failed attack on High Wood which cost it 122 casualties.

It remained in Britain until D-Day (1944), but then fought across North-West Europe until the end of the conflict. The regiment also raised 21 Territorial, Reserve and New Army battalions during the war. This infantry unit was raised in 1881. Smith, poor fellow, has died of wounds. The battalion fought in the Battle of Paardeberg, a nine-day battle which ended on 27 February with the capture of the Boer general Piet Cronjé and his force of some 4,000 men. [91][92] The following year, the 5th Battalion became the regiment's sole territorial unit when the 4th Battalion was converted to the 66th (Gloucesters) Searchlight Regiment, Royal Artillery (RA), and the 6th Battalion converted to the 44th Battalion, Royal Tank Regiment. [141][f], By the afternoon of 24 April, the Glosters, with C Troop 170th Mortar Battery now fighting alongside as infantry, had been reduced to an effective fighting force of 400–450 men. Four awards of the Victoria Cross (VC) were made to soldiers serving with the regiment.

Cap badge, The Gloucestershire Regiment, c1930, The Gloucestershire Regiment at Nicholson’s Nek, 1899. In the meantime, the battalion became part of the 63rd Indian Infantry Brigade in the 17th Infantry Division, which had to fight its way to and through Shwedaung when Japanese forces infiltrated between the rearguard and the main column. The final action of the 1/5th Battalion came in November, during the Battle of the Sambre. With the men still heavily engaged to their front, the order was given for the rear rank to turn about, and standing thus in two ranks back to back, the regiment held the line.


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