how to move a heavy vanity

Carry Tall Items High and Low. What to do when your best friend is moving away. If you have a helper, ask him to brace the item from below and help guide it downward. It was inside. Hopefully, by now you will know perfectly well how to pack your furniture for moving – how to develop an efficient furniture moving strategy, how to prepare your own furniture for moving, and how to protect the pieces through clever furniture packing tricks that work.

It might be easier to disassemble some items than to roll them down the stairs. A tall dresser, filing cabinet or shelving unit is awkward to handle. Tie it securely in place with straps or bungee cords. Brute strength may have served you well back in high school. How to move heavy furniture by yourself - use your head, not your back. I think I’ll start looking for crane services because we do have some heavy things on our roof terrace. If you have rooms with hardwood floors, then learning how to move heavy furniture without scratching the floor is essential.

Hand trucks are similar to basic dollies, but they can tilt backward, a useful feature when it comes to tackling staircases. All rights reserved. If you have a helper, send him down a few steps ahead of you. 8. The thing to remember here is that sliding large and heavyweight pieces of furniture along hardwood floors is not usually recommended because even sliders might leave marks on the floor. Tilt the hand truck backward so some of the weight of the object leans against your body.

How to Move Heavy Objects Upstairs by Yourself This past November, I attended a blogger trip. Slowly roll the hand truck down the first step. Be sure to have a friend help you do it to prevent the furniture piece from tipping over while in motion. But if you can’t find the right help, or if you and your back feel up to the task, then keep reading—we’ve got you covered! Remember that that challenging task is no joke, and the risks of moving heavy furniture with one person are too many to count and even predict.

We then unwrapped the credenza and slid it (on its top) up the “ramp” of blankets laid over the stoop. Instead, call in professional furniture movers who have the experience, equipment and know-how to move heavy furniture quickly and safely. Wheel the item to the top of the stairs. How to maintain social distancing when moving during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), 10 common mistakes parents make when moving with children, How Facebook and Twitter can help you move. Your email address will not be published.

That saved us from doing any lifting whatsoever and completely eliminated any chance of dropping and damaging the furniture. Make the object as light as possible. Also, to guarantee a problem-free furniture moving adventure, consider lifting slightly the furniture piece as you’re sliding it, if that’s even possible. In the end, I was thankful that our mover was not a big, burly man who would have done it all for us.

The First Step to Moving Heavy … By retaining one blanket under the credenza once indoors, we simply slid it into place in the dining room on a blanket across the hardwood floors. If you don’t have one, you can still use furniture sliders but opt for ones that are designed for hardwood floors. The tip that helped most: Use those blankets! Got a tip, kitchen tour, or other story our readers should see. Otherwise, you risk wrecking your back, your house and the item you’re moving. Lift the object onto the hand truck. “I have a bad shoulder”, she explained as she led us toward the truck. Requesting a professional estimate can reduce moving costs by up to 25%. Oftentimes, the weight of your pieces is not the only thing to worry about – their shapes and sizes come suddenly into play as well. If an object comes apart, consider carrying it downstairs in pieces. Required fields are marked *. One such challenging task is moving heavy furniture by yourself – that is, without professional assistance.

Thanks for these useful tips on how to move heavy furniture. Center the object on the hand truck to balance its weight.

Use furniture sliders that are specially designed for carpeted floors.

Article by Home Stories A to Z. Uh oh.

1 / 14. To shift heavy items down a flight of stairs, rent a hand truck from a moving company or hardware store. But this tip from our helpful moving lady that smartly utilized those blue quilted blankets saved our backs and quite possibly our new piece of furniture (I would have hated to see what a drop would do to it). So far, so good. How to Move Heavy Objects Upstairs by Yourself This past November, I attended a blogger trip.

Can you take solar panels with you when you move? This is a good time to remind you that some pre-move jobs are tougher and much more demanding than others, and as such, they will require your utmost attention. Your best bet? How to move heavy furniture upstairs or downstairs. Once we reached the front steps, we laid a cushion of several more quilted blankets out over the steps. Enlist a friend to help if possible. Remove any shelves, hutches or stored items from the object and bring them downstairs separately. However, her decades of experience have left her with some amazing insider’s tips that she used to walk us step-by-step through moving our prized (and heavy) new possession into our home.

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What you can do when having to move heavy furniture upstairs or downstairs is to first reduce their size by removing any parts that can be taken apart safely and reduce their weight by emptying them (unless you’ve already done these two steps during the furniture packing process as you should have).

Last weekend, the long-awaited mid-century modern credenza my husband and I had purchased arrived at our home.

Or maybe wrestle a refrigerator down a flight of stairs?

Stephanie Mitchell is a professional writer who has authored websites and articles for real estate agents, self-help coaches and casting directors. Have in mind that that furniture moving technique can be dangerous, so if you’re not entirely sure how to do it safely, don’t do it all. I’d ask around where I can buy these furniture sliders you’ve mentioned and use them for loading our things into the railroad flat car we’ll soon rent.

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But growing older means using your mind more than your muscles when it comes to moving heavy or awkward things. Believe it or not, the number one safety rule is to lift with your legs, not your back. While some types of carpets will let you slide heavy furniture pieces to some extent, you shouldn’t rely on that to complete the task at hand. “I have a bad shoulder”, she explained as she led us toward the truck.

When moving heavy furniture at home, stairs will surely prove to be the ultimate challenge for you. But it wasn’t carried in by two heavy lifters in white gloves. It’s good to know that there are furniture sliders that can help me lift my own furniture just by sliding each part under every leg or corner. Rather, a 60-some year old woman stood at the door and pointed us to the 35-foot moving truck that contained the seven-foot-long, solid teak beauty.


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