howtobasic face reveal solved
I noticed this video had captions while re-watching it to make this post, and it could just be a result of YouTube's auto generated captions, but at 1:29, while HowToBasic is falling to the ground after being bitten by a pineapple, the caption says "you", when throughout the rest of the video up to this point it's just either been nothing or [Music]. But apparently there was at least one clue in the face reveal video, which brings us to this thread. The screen fades to black. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser., It's bchaFd5YlaU I think.

Face Reveal is a video that was posted on March 18, 2018 on the YouTube account HowToBasic, although he didn't reveal his actual face. "wait for the =", Interestingly enough, there's this date 08/19/2017 in this fragment of the video:, But there's no videos on the channel posted that day, while on his twitter account, there's 2 tweets on that date, specifically: and a repost of this: , sadly the first tweet has a link to a suspended tweet account :/. The dumb thing is, it does sound exactly like something Michael would do. u/MisterDemiGod suggested that the video isn't out yet and howtobasic stated in the description credits are coming soon, maybe a clue will be there. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. He then walks into a room full of Play Buttons, he says that the Silver Play Button hasn't come in yet. He did the face reveal, but it was just a funny fake video, in which various well-known YouTubers took responsibility for being howtobasic. So he teased a "face reveal" video, at a certain number of subscribers. The HowToBasic YouTube account is an absurdist comedy channel that teaches you how to accomplish mundane everyday tasks by giving you the worst tutorials you can imagine. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

HowToBasic Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. He then walks into his bathroom were he is wearing two different clothing items, one black one white. Wow ok that was long thanks for reading if you read the whole thing lol, HowToBasics Channel -, Face Reveal Video -, How To Make a Hawaiian Pizza -, How To Make The Perfect Roast -, PLEASE let me know if there's anything I'm missing lol, I feel like he’s been doing an arg all the time. I'd suggest it could be in the medley of YouTubers claiming to be HowToBasic. Most of the videos are almost a year old so if there is anything in them, this has been a long time coming. Max then thanks the viewers for watching and Warrun wipes the camera. Thank me later. At the end of the video, if you look carefuly (better to slow to 0.25) when the censored screen thingy comes, a message made of emojis appears: (Open Mailbox with Lowered Flag, White Diamond, Cancer, White Diamond Suit, Virgo, Aquarius, Writing Hand, Black Diamond Minus White X). The first clue are wing dings visible in one frame. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The screen cuts to static and HowToBasic is checking his Subscriber Count, as it hits 10,000,000 he gets off his chair and walks up the stairs. This one says "mmf2v12?" I was thinking it was the opposite. Also note that capitalization matters. Mention list of top YouTube gamer without the name Swaggersouls is like making an incomplete list of a Chinese fried rice recipe.,, There was another cut with an SMPTE image earlier in the vid at so that's interesting, The channel first gained popularity in 2013. Saw soup and faceless to pretty obscure youtubers but they both friends of max well especially face.

People claiming they were HowToBasic were Vsauce, Maxmoefoe, and Warren. Posted by 2 years ago.


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