is nino apply legit
I cancelled immediately.

It had been a month since I paid to get ni number for my friend who is a European citizen. The purpose is to confuse foreigners and young brits who are not familiar with the process so they end up using their service for £35/£45. They promise to get you NI number in 24 hours but they take ages to get back. Near impossible to contact via email or calling. DO NOT USE THEM! You can currently only apply for a National Insurance number in England, Scotland and Wales if you have entered the UK on a visa. I was misguided and should have gone directly to the GOV.UK website .My advice not use this company under any circumstances .

SCAM, do not give your money. Asked for a refund as the service is not complete and won’t happen anytime soon, but was refused, even if there’s a clause stating about the risk of supplying the product due to delays outside their control.I have lost my money and in vain! They take your money and give nothing in return. Then they agreed to a refund and again changed their mind. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY.

However they are quick to take calls if you are a fresh applicant. I sadly realised as my money was taken that it was not a government affiliated site. worst customer service everNINO apply they are more concern about getting a New customer like getting your money and not follow throughwhen you call their phone number, As a new customer, they tell you to press one, and then you will get hold of their sales team.As an existing customer, they tell you to press two, and then you get a recorded message saying email us. At first It was a trap full of upselling in sleazy sales man waypay extra 24 pound for extra speed service which is 6 working hours faster, I was thinking 6 hours faster I am not in that rush. I have been refunded half but half still outstanding. I was patient and waited until mid October. It's a scam, they do not reply, the phonenumber is not theirs etc etc etc, what a waste of time and money. I have requested updates but no response. I wanted to apply for NI through NINO Apply. This company was appointed to facilitate a Fast Track NIS number, which along with add-ons total £108.They took full payment with the order, but would not reply to emails or answer their phone when I tried to contact them afterwards .Several days later I contacted GOV.UK myself to see if application forms had been sent to me- and when they confirmed they had not, I organised them myself with the gentleman I spoke to. Scam, tried to order a NIN from them and paid £72 and sent off my personal information, unfortunately it took my a month to realise when I still hadn’t received it, do not use this website, ring the official government number for NIN as they do not charge and it’s legit, Do not pay for this service! CompIete scammer! EU nationals will not get any NIN issued by the UK government/JobCentre, EU are allowed to get a job by showing the valid passport/ID.NON EU will get by phone direct with the government at no cost.Stay away from this company, I am fighting hard against them who took me 60GBP. They took the only money he saved and not heard back from them in 8 weeks. Lost your NINO? But decided to check on customer reviews before applying. I was promised a "Fast Track" service for £60 (plus an optional extra charge for a plastic NI card).

No Nino, No answer, No refund.I reported them to google to remove their add, report ads. I'm wondering what £84 buys me? Paid £55 on the 1st July 2020 to fast track my application. Best Not to Use and to "Just Call the National Insurance Line" FOR FREE.

it ended with a scam, No Nino, No Refund. and National card for extra 24 pound as it tuned the government does not issue that anymore. I contacted my bank immediately and emailed NINO straight away to cancel the request. When I called the government office they say the service is down during Covid-19 so we were desperate and applied through ninoapply. It's a scam. Please do not fall for this company!! I found out afterwards that it is FREE to obtain directly from the government website. Somebody needs to teach them a lesson. However they are quick to take calls if you are a fresh applicant.

I've given up with them, they scammed me out of £60 and did absolutely NOTHING. We are planning a legal action against these scammers. Refuse to refund. NINO apply they are more concern about getting a New customer like getting your money and not follow through when you call their phone number, As a new customer, they tell you to press one, and then you will get hold of their sales team. 1C is legit :) they do forex, visas etc as well. Awful, Shocking service and a total waste of money. Losers. Total Scam, They take your money and then they just ignore you. But decided to check on customer reviews before applying. Information that I would have thought the sales team might have known...All the job centres were closed at the beginning of September so therefore surly I am entitled to a refund as no process has taken place?


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