kailee hawaiian meaning

Generally considered to be an alternative form of Kaila. They operate on a different wavelength than the average joe. Honestly, at this point, we wonder how parents even decide. Kailee is not one of the more popular spellings of the “Kaylee” family of female names. It is also believed to be the transferred use of the anglicized Irish surname “O’Caollaidhe” (descendent of Caollaidhe). And no one ever says it the right way! (2000 U.S. Meaning of Kailee Name , Kailee name definition, origin of Kailee name, What Does Kailee Mean and History?

Is there Kailee name in the Bible/Torah/Quran? Your email address will not be published.

Kailee is a variant of the name Kaili. sea and sky. It is not listed in the top 1000 names. Kailee is infrequently used as a baby name for boys. Hawai'i Place Names.

Unfortunately, this is a name that’s coming dangerously close to a cliché. Web Sites.

Its pronunciation is K EY ayL IY - †. Kailee is a variant of the name Kaili.

In English, the name Kailee means - Variant of Kay and Kayla, meaning… There are now so many variations of this name it’s fallen into the “kreatively kutesy kategory”.

Usage of these relations of Kailey reached its most widespread 2 decades ago (AVERAGE #1032) and has become much less since (#1535, DOWN 65%), with versions such as Kayla becoming less trendy. American Baby Names Meaning:

Sevens are constantly seeking to understand human nature, our place in the universe, and the mystery of life in general. Kailee is derived from Hawaiian origins. namecandy - Celebrity baby names, ask the Name Lady, & more. © 2020 Wild Sky Media All rights reserved.

Kai after the hawaiian meaning "the sea" & Lee is a family name on both mine & my husband's side. Your email address will not be published. Analysis, gender of Kailee, Kailee Name Statistics, Acrostic Poem About Kailee other details; What Does Kailee Mean and History? So we’re back to the meaning (caol) slender.

Analysis of Kailee Name Insightful , High ability of Persuasion , Nervous , Rich and Humble , Creative, K : Gentle A : Thoughtful I : Zany L : Energetic E : Victorious E : Victorious. This may not seem like a big deal, but trust us.

Know a Kaileigh? Numerology offers an insight into the personality by assigning numeric values to the letters contained in names.

The map shows the relative popularity of the name Kailee as a first name in each of the states. This is a combination of the Hawaiian name Kai (meaning "the sea") and the common name Leigh. [ syll. I named my daughter Kailee. U.S. Social Security Administration: Popular Baby Names, Death Master File (public domain). However, may also originate from the Hawaiian deity ‘Kaili’. All rights reserved. Andrews Dictionary. Imagine that, 15 babies in Hawaii have the same name in 2000. "Love the name!! Baby names that sound like Kailee include Kahael, Kahaele, Kahale (Hawaiian), Kahili (Hawaiian), Kaholo (Hawaiian), Kale'a, Kalea (Hawaiian), Kalei, Kaleo (Hawaiian), Kaliil, Kalolo (Hawaiian), Ke'ala, Keala, Kealley, Keallie, Keally, Keli'i (Hawaiian), Keola (Hawaiian), Keyli, and Keyly.

Also see the lists of names of English, Gaelic, or Irish origins. See other popular names in Hawaii, Utah, or Washington.

Keela, on the other hand, comes from the Gaelic word “cadhla” which means a girl “so beautiful that only poets can describe her.” (i.e., a rare beauty). Random Kailee Factoid: According to the 2000 U.S. Social Security Administration data, the first name Kailee ranks 65 th in popularity as a baby girl's name in Hawaii. DEMOGRAPHICS) Kailee was first listed in 1990 and reached its top position of #486 in the U.S. in the year 1999, and is currently at #1045. Or should we say “klichéd”? We cannot find any celebrities or significantly famous people with the first name Kailee.

Kailey is also used as a variation of Kaylee (Gaelic).

Some examples of these mispronunciations are Callie, Kylie, Ky-eel-lee, Hayley, Raleigh, Collie, and Kayla.

Generally considered to be an alternative form of Kaila.

He was most prominent from 1998 to 2006. Find out more about the name Kaili at BabyNames.com.

They love the outdoors and are fed by nature. From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.Buy the book, Kaylee, Kailee, Kailey, Kayleigh, Kayley, Kaylie, Kaleigh. is destined to go through life confirming and reconfirming the spelling of her name. Baby names that sound like Kahili include Kahale (Hawaiian), Kaholo (Hawaiian), Kailee (English), Kajali (Indian), Kakali (Indian), Kalala (Hawaiian), Kale'a, Kalea (Hawaiian), Kaleela (English), Kalei (English), Kalet, Kalia (Hawaiian), Kalila (Arabic and English), … Send us will publish.

The "ai" makes the "I" sound and therefore the name can also be prounounced like "Kylie." It is not in the top 1000 names.

Really, all of these names are American inventions, but we’re feeling generous today and will give it some Celtic currency. But I still love my name and wouldn't change it for the world. Find out below.

See also the related category hawaiian. Keelin comes from the Gaelic “Caoilfhinn” (pronounced kale + in) which translates into “slender” (caol) and “white, fair, pure” (finn). A user from California, U.S. says the name Keilee means "Loved".

Here we go again.

Meanings English Baby Names Meaning: In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Kaylee is: Pure. '

Kailee's are great girlfriends, and will always be full of love and compassion! Meanings English Baby Names Meaning: In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Kailee is: and Kayla, meaning: keeper of the keys; pure.

Combined Hawaiian Dictionary. One thing we know for certain: any girl named Kailee/Kaylee, etc.

Kailee is a variant of the name Kaili. The Hawaiian language has a limited number of letters and Kaile is the phonetic translation of Kaylee into Hawaiian.

My daughter is Kaileigh and is often called "Kaylee" she hates that they mispronounce her name and is quick to correct whomever is speaking! Kailee is a super cute, awesome, and all around friendly person! Not all countries that have shown an interest in the name are listed in the bar graph. A user from Utah, U.S. says the name Keilee is of Gaelic origin and means "Light of the clan.".


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