karhade brahmin surnames

Please provide scholarly references for the Indo-Scythian origin theory. The etymology is also a stretch. They have the rite to chant Gayatri manthra and they follow yajurveda (Boudhayana sutram). Many north indian kshatriyas and brahmins should come and settle in TN. There is evidence of the Indo Scynthian origins of the Karhades. The local politics prevents the implementation of hindi in schools which follow state syllabus. But their origins being in Varhaad or any other part of North-East India is highly unlikely. At one time North Indian Brahmins were famous for their scholarship and erudition and the central Gangetic basin was considered the seat of Vedic learning.

It was removed due to being too far fetched without proper citations. The "pandit" in Hemadri Pandit's name is a title, or उपाधि, reserved for scholars of renown and repute in medieval India, and is unlikely to be the surname "Pandit" found predominantly in the karhāḍe brāhmaṇ group. Feel free to edit this list or discuss these tasks. Some Iyengar Brahmin name from TN include Rangachari, Rangarajan, Narayanan, Govindarajan, Krishnamachari, Gopalakrishnan, Ranganathan, Ramachandran, Ramakrishnan, Balaraman, Krishnan, Narasimhan, Varadarajan, Andal, Kulasekharan, Kuzhaikathan, Sudarshanan, Jagannathan, Raman. Portuguese have been know to come and reside in India and in particular, Goa, since the advent of Vasco da Gama (1498). In himachal...pls addSharma,Shandil,Bhardwaj,Joshi,Pandit,Agnihotri. History of Garhwali Brahmin Surnamesमूल रूप से गढ़वाल में ब्राह्मण जातियां तीन हिस्सो में बांटी गई है :-1 सरोला 2 गंगाड़ी 3 नाना सरला और गंगाड़ी 8 वीं और 9वीं शताब्दी के दौरान मैदानी भाग से उत्तराखंड आए थे। पवार शासक के राजपुरोहित के रूप में सरोला आये थे। गढ़वाल में आने के बाद सरोला और गंगाड़ी लोगो ने नाना गोत्र के ब्राह्मणों से शादी की। सरोला ब्राह्मण के द्वारा बनाया गया भोजन सब लोग खा लेते है परंतु गंगाड़ी जाती का अधिकार केवल अपने सगे-सम्बन्धियो तक ही सिमित है। 1.

Bahugunas claim to be actually bandopadhyas of bengal as their origin..20% of Uttarakhand's population is Brahmins..many have deserted hills because of lack of job opportunities...these Brahmins strictly follow the gotra systems and don't marry within their gotra or in their maternal/paternal gotra...many of them are in higher govt. Hindu Traditionalism and Nationalist Ideologies in Nineteenth-Century Maharashtra. please add these brahmin cast in uttarakhand state brahmin list. At one time Bihari Brahmins were famous for their scholarship and erudition and Mithila. However, if this theory is accepted, it becomes difficult to explain when, why and how they migrated to Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Goa & Karnataka. In Uttarakhand:TrivediTiwariTripathiUniyalNautiyalKhanduriDevraniPandeyJoshiMishraBhattDalakotiPantSharmaPathakBarthwal, In Haryana,Western UP,Rajasthan and DElhi list of Brahmin gotras areVashisth/VashishtKaushikParasharVatsBhargavaBhardwajaMudgilShandilyaJamdagniAttri/atrayeDixit/DikshitAngrashBhrigu.


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