lord of glencoe fake
Although it looks like everything is greening up over the generations when you approach by road; in actuality when viewing satellite images of the entire area you can view the massive damage done via de-forrestation in the vicinity. His IP address is only used for the name John Henderson. They know what I do because I am proud of the difference I am making. I have no dog in this fight. Of course anyone can call themselves Laird without purchasing a plot from us, or indeed from anyone. in 2013, and was able to visit shortly there after. Perhaps people are waking up to the fact that there is no relationship between owning land in Scotland and any title. When this text was written it was accurate.

I suppose it’s a case of the editorial and enterprises departments of a single newspaper group and never the twain shall meet. On their site they say you will ‘legally’ bear the Title: Or the preferred option for female Lairds: You achieve Laird/Ladyship by buying a token piece of Scottish Land, the cost of this – just under £25.

When a domain is registered, it can be registered to anybody. The interesting things: this is featured as a gift by seller Gift Republic (and they have various other Name…, Dedicate…, Adopt… tins available), with their company name and logo all over the thing, in association with the Dunans Charitable Trust (with the assigned charity number below, but linked to a defunct domain), https://www.oscr.org.uk/search-charity-register/charity-extract/?charitynumber=sc038431, I believe I was scammed. I was wondering if there is a way to check to see if I am actually descended from a titled family. Bafflingly, the Scotsman seems to have gone from debunking (http://www.scotsman.com/scotland-on-sunday/scotland/30-title-to-lord-it-over-glencoe-1-2125806) to partnering (http://link.johnstonpress.co.uk/rsps/wlnk/c/1109/r/533553/e/10091) according to an unsolicited email which I received today. Good morning Mr Henderson. Brown was elected CAS treasurer last year and is expected to play a key role in providing financial stability for the body. It’s http://www.scotstitles.com, this was a cloned site of http://www.scots-titles.com, Although the site has been taken down you can still locate the images. The purchaser would then have to seek redress from the naughty vendor who had sold land that he no longer owned, but which he was able to sell because it was still registered to him. The items that leap out are that the tin in the photo is nothing to do with us. He is not, it should be pointed out, a member of the House of Lords.

I think you must mean W R B Cunninghame Graham of Gartmore MSc MA FSA Scot. I don’t see why such an idea can cause so much uproar. And when and wherever you spend money, by definition someone else is always profiting from it…. I do recognise the quotes from the “title sellers” to be from Highland Titles’s website from last year, though it has probably been changed a bit since. Surely that would show you the spot whee your land is. For those who say ‘ach its just a bit of harmless fun, no one would ever take it seriously’ maybe you should look at this: I find the mocking tone of some of the below comments distressing. Liars are not brave…. In an attempt to remain impartial in this discussion we offered Peter Bevis of Scottish Highland Titles the opportunity to respond to specific criticisms raised in the comments section of this blog. Sounds to me that you are just making stuff up in a pathetic attempt to undermine the great work Highland Titles are doing in Scotland. Scotland essentially birthed the modern world. It is about time the sellers of this misleading worthless tat for pure profit was stopped. And this is only the first of our projects. If you hadn’t already realized, this is an operation that is built on dishonesty and deception. I know fine they use Emma Farquarson in an attempt to discredit the blogger Emily Farquarson at http://lochaberhighlandestate.blogspot.co.uk. I have a cat named Lady Jane Gray. How many trees have been planted so far in their Jubilee Wood project? I think I will now “identify” as High-Lord-President-Crown-Prince-Chief-Barking-Beagle. http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ41xOAEOWSo6U11GeroTxFhpeD1siYNYKQrg9YBIdnIP9pE4Rvs_qBW9HzTg, and also: Yes that is correct, your answers will be judged by other readers, your opinion is of no concern or consequence either.


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