lumax vs locknlube
It’s the part of the grease gun coupler that attaches to the grease fittings, seal the connection and locks them on.

This requires less effort on the user’s part. The unit is durable and lightweight with a non-slip grip. Sonic and ultra-sonic devices may also be included in the kit. They are used to apply grease to a grease fitting. It’s about 5/8 inch. Moreover, it’s zinc coated which is good to resist rusting. I hope you’ll enjoy my provided real-life experience and analytic information. When you are thinking of getting a grease gun for your projects. It prevents the binding and bending of the plunger. Special Extra Short, Straight (LX-3101, Qty. It swivels in full 360-degree circles. LockNLube GC81011 is the best grease gun coupler on the market, even in the world, that we recommend in this first order. This coupler works on all metric (DIN) and SAE specification zerks. The gun is ideal for high flow applications that pump out 5 ounces per minute. Suitable accessory for an M18 grease gun. The technician can also inspect the gun during relubrication. The unit is supported by a 1-year warranty. The gun extrudes 4 ounces per 100 strokes. It also works with all grease gun types like manual, pneumatic and electric. It will deliver the most effective lubrication faster. You can place the unit on its 3-point stand and extend the 30-inch hose to reach difficult to reach fittings.

This is a complete kit with a case and a charger. This is a battery-powered grease gun that accepts the Li-ion batteries from the One+ series by Ryobi. The gun adheres to the precise industry standards so you can do your job correctly. This coupler serves as a helpful accessory for any grease gun. Part Number: LX-4841. It is heavier and stronger than other grease couplers on the market. There is an LX-1212 30-inch thermoplastic with a spring guard and a non-drip cap. Proprietary Locking & … For use on hand-operated grease guns only. It provides 4500 psi maximum operating pressure. This one has a larger battery capacity and faster-charging speed. There is a spring at the base to prevent bending and breaking of the tube.

You should operate this coupler by one hand for longer use.

The model has a dual-mode where you can choose a high volume or a high-pressure delivery by adjusting the pistol lever.

LockNLube Professional 4350281679 brings you maximum operating pressure of 8000 PSI. Carbyne 3101519 has a pistol grip handle that makes the gun easy to use. The unit weighs 9.5 pounds and accepts 20V MAX batteries by DeWalt. Method 1. LockNLube Zerk fittings Grease Gun Coupler, Warranty: Lifetime manufacturing warranty, Lumax LX-1403 Silver Quick-Release Grease Coupler, Dimension: 3.19 x 1.57 x 0.79 inchesPSI: 12,000, Lincoln Lubrication Right Angle 90 Degree Coupler, Lumax LX-1400-2 Standard Grease Gun Coupler, Warranty: 30 day warranty against manufacturer defects. You get quicker and neater lubrication, unlike the manual methods. It is suitable for applications such as applying grease to automobile fittings, aeronautic, industrial and construction equipment.

The pressures еxеrtеd by thе gun аrе equally imроrtаnt tо bе nоtеd. There is a heavy steel barrel with a polished inside for a smooth operation. Here is another offering by Lincoln that runs on a 12-volt DC motor. For the use of hand-operated grease guns. This grease gun has a cartridge or bulk capacity of 14.5 ounces. It comes at an affordable price. It has an ergonomic handle for a firm and comfortable grip. Some pneumatic guns can work at 5000 – 10000 PSI or normal pressure. The pistol has a 6-inch rigid pipe and an 18-inch flexible hose. 1 cubic inch is around 0.5 ounces or 15 cc or 15 gm. Description: 1/4"-28 Taper Thread (SAE-LT), Straight (LX-3007, Qty: 40) 1/4"-28 Taper Thread (SAE-LT), 45 degree (LX-3013, Qty: 10) 1/4"-28 Taper Thread (SAE-LT), 90 degree (LX-3019, Qty: 10) 1/8" P.T.F. This grease is not driven by any machine. REXBETI LN0909 is a cylinder with a heavy-duty head made of tough metal that withstands high pressure while extruding the grease. There are portable grease caddies to dispense 25 – 120-pound pails of grease. You can use it for all kind of heavy applications. However, it cannot support all types of grease guns because it’s only able to support injecting with less than 1.000 psi pressure. Color code & type of lubricant – One of the best practices of the trade is to label the guns with the type of lubricant loaded and the amount dispensed per stroke. You can fit zerk now inside coupler and it is completely ready. You will be able to grease the entire underside of an automobile in less than a minute using the right gun. Special Extra Short, 45 degree (LX-3113, Qty. This is an ideal tool for the professionals who have many fittings to lube. No screwdriver is required to set the coupler. This makes reloading easy and minimizes the risk of pushing the follower rod out of its place before the barrel is screwed back on. Lumax LX-1175 Handyluber kit arrives with an LX-1117 Ni-Cd battery that delivers 1500mAh at 12volt. There is no need to apply excessive force to work with this coupler. There is a pivot angle that is easy to use and reduces fatigue. Moreover, as it’s rated 10.000 psi, there is barely a limitation to use what type of grease gun you are preferred. Mini-Pistol Grip Grease Gun . The unit is neat to operate too with a heavy-duty coupler and a non-drip cap. Insert the cartridge. This gun has a self-priming feature that quickens the lubrication job. The unit is supported by a 1-year warranty. Carbyne 3101519 is meant for heavy-duty operations by professionals. The head of this coupler is slightly shorter than the standard straight coupler. Why Nissan Skyline is Illegal in the United States? The gun’s bulk capacity is 16 ounces and cartridge capacity is 14 ounces. These batteries are compatible with 125 products by the brand. If the space is sufficient even though it’s recessed, and the zerks are standards, it should work out. Manual grease guns are preferred to use. There is an on-off lock trigger to prevent accidental squeezing out of the grease. This is an American brand that designs, manufactures and sells power tools. You can operate it up to 10,000 psi pressure. There are clips on either side of the canister to tuck the hose when not in use. It will help prime the gun quickly if you store your cartridge cap side down. It provides all the tools to help you finish your greasing job no matter the greasing problem you are facing.


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