mining simulator script 2020
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", AutoEquipEggs.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), AutoEquipEggs.BackgroundColor3 =,171/255,11/255), NewInstantMineToggle.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), NewInstantMineToggle.BackgroundColor3 =,171/255,11/255), NewInstantMineToggle.BackgroundColor3 =, 1, 1), CopyHatData.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), local HatsModule = require(game.Lighting.Assets.Modules.HatModule), local String = "\nMining Simulator Hats:\n", if HatsModule[i].rarity == "Legendary" then, table.sort(HatData, function(a, b) return a > b end), for i, v in spairs(HatData, function(t,a,b) return t[b] < t[a] end) do, String = String .. i .. ": x" .. v .. "\n", CopySkinData.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), local String = "\nMining Simulator Skins:\n", table.sort(SkinData, function(a, b) return a > b end), for i, v in spairs(SkinData, function(t,a,b) return t[b] < t[a] end) do, CopyPetData.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), local String = "\nMining Simulator Pets:\n", if PetsModule[Pet].rarity == "Legendary" then, table.sort(Pets, function(a, b) return a > b end), for i, v in spairs(Pets, function(t,a,b) return t[b] < t[a] end) do, TeleportToEarth.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), if tor and tostring(CurMap) ~= "Map" then, tor.CFrame =, 13.565, -1.646)), TeleportToSpace.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), if tor and tostring(CurMap) ~= "SpaceMap" then, tor.CFrame =, 14.166, 1569.200)), TeleportToCandy.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), if tor and tostring(CurMap) ~= "Candyland" then, tor.CFrame =, 13.677, 3010.601)), TeleportToToy.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), if tor and tostring(CurMap) ~= "Toyland" then, tor.CFrame =, 13.856, 5718.596)), TeleportToFood.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), if tor and tostring(CurMap) ~= "FoodLand" then, tor.CFrame =, 13.667, 8675.194)), TeleportToDino.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), if tor and tostring(CurMap) ~= "Dinoland" then, tor.CFrame =, 13.688, 10581.403)), AutoClickToggle.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), AutoClickToggle.BackgroundColor3 =,171/255,11/255), AutoClickToggle.Text = "Press C Key to Disable", i.InputBegan:connect(function(input, ingui), if input.UserInputType == Enum.UserInputType.Keyboard then, MainFrame.Visible = not MainFrame.Visible, CurrentPosition.Text = ("X: " .. string.format("%.3f", x) .. ", Y: " .. string.format("%.3f", y) .. ", Z: " .. string.format("%.3f", z)), if workspace.Collapsed.Value == true then, coins, inventory, equipped, ownedItems, offer, rebirths, skins, skinEquipped, pets, crates, favorites, hatInventory, wearing, visibleHats, eggHuntStuff, eggPackBought, quests = game.Workspace.RemoteFunction:InvokeServer("GetStats"), --BuyEpicHatCrateButton.Text = BuyEpicHatCrateButton.Text .. "\n COST: " .. tostring(), if g.ScreenGui:FindFirstChild("BackpackFull") then, g.ScreenGui:FindFirstChild("BackpackFull").Visible = false, if (coins - 10000000 * (rebirths + 1)) >= 0 then, game.Workspace.RemoteEvent:FireServer("Rebirth"), if g.ScreenGui:FindFirstChild("HatchedInfo") then, if AutoClick and (tick() - tck) >= 0.2 then, if AutoClick and (tick() - ResetAutoClick) >= 300 then, workspace.Collapsed.Changed:connect(function(), if workspace.Collapsed.Value == false then, if tor.Position.Z > workspace.DinoPosition.Value.Z then, tor.CFrame =, 11.468, 10546.147)), elseif tor.Position.Z > workspace.FoodPosition.Value.Z then, tor.CFrame =, 11.467, 8725.875)), elseif tor.Position.Z > workspace.ToyPosition.Value.Z then, tor.CFrame =, 11.467, 5692.938)), elseif tor.Position.Z > workspace.CandyPosition.Value.Z then, tor.CFrame =, 11.467, 3005.799)), elseif tor.Position.Z > workspace.SpacePosition.Value.Z then, tor.CFrame =, 11.468, 1547.604)), tor.CFrame =, 11.468, -23.864)), local image = g.ScreenGui:FindFirstChild("CollapsedCave") or g.ScreenGui:WaitForChild("CollapsedCave"), coroutine.resume(coroutine.create(function(), game.Workspace.RemoteEvent:FireServer("MoveTo", "DinoSell"), game.Workspace.RemoteEvent:FireServer("MoveTo", "FoodSell"), game.Workspace.RemoteEvent:FireServer("MoveTo", "ToySell"), game.Workspace.RemoteEvent:FireServer("MoveTo", "CandySell"), game.Workspace.RemoteEvent:FireServer("MoveTo", "SpaceSell"), game.Workspace.RemoteEvent:FireServer("MoveTo", "SellSpawn"), until getsenv(g.ScreenGui.ClientScript).inventoryContents() <= 0.


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