nen personality types
[101] When two Nen users clash, it is possible to make predictions about the outcome through a simple equation. Only one try a day is allowed. "Baptism"), achieved by forcing the Aura Nodes to open via an influx of aura. Judging (J) / Prospecting (P): Judging individuals are decisive, thorough and highly organized. The farther apart the fingertips are when the student begins to feel the presence of aura, the greater their predisposition. [85], In can be countered by using Gyo in the eyes or through Zetsu. Conjurer, because it falls with ISxx. [16] An incomplete version of this technique can be utilized without Ren, primarily to master the other steps before increasing the amount of aura to concentrate and contain. I performed the Nen Type theory on people using my data and found that Transmuters and Manipulators could easily be an Introvert or an Extrovert and/or could easily change between the two to fit in with the situation at hand (I had about 50 people total during my tests).Also, Transmuters and Manipulators could have both Thought or Feeling leading them in certain situations, so they can have both traits in them. Nen It is well-known that not any medium can be chosen for Manipulation abilities, but that it must be an object which the user has been using for years[114] and to which they're deeply attached. [3] Shutting off the nodes in their eyes prevents the user from being able to see aura,[72] but, since they are no longer surrounded by their own aura, they become more sensitive to the aura of others. [16] When not immediately at risk of being struck with Ko, Ken is utilized when one wants to be cautious.

[76] With the right timing, Ten can be used to contain the aura produced with Ren. They resemble the Enhancers in building their impulsivity, but the difference with them, they probably tend to calm down and forget easier. [82], The student must form the numbers 0 through 9 on top of their finger by manipulating the shape of their aura, much like Biscuit does to train their Gyo, while also running. There is a small chance for Conjurers and Manipulators to become Specialists later in life, however that chance is very small. [91], There are also conditions that do not regulate the manner in which a Nen ability is to be used, but which impacts the user negatively in return for use of the ability. [57][note 3] On the other hand, the audience is in the vast majority of cases ignorant of Nen and confused by the supernatural powers they see. Ok I'm an INTP but I dont see myself like Killua or Hisoka. A bell curve is an ideal shape, with the time spent on each category decreasing the farther away from said type is from the user's natural one.[63].

For example, a diffusive levy type Nen beast can summon other Nen constructs to absorb aura from numerous people at once.[46]. A prolonged emission of malicious Ren can induce uncontrollable dread in those who cannot use Nen, paralysis and if contrasted without Ten, even death. Knuckle Bine devised a way to convert aura in a numeric value, and use it in a system similar to the process of finding the Capacity factor of a power plant, in this case, the power plant being the Nen user and the energy being the aura. They tend to hide their feelings and see efficiency as more important than cooperation. By creating an ability that one isn't suited for, one risks stagnating their potential by overloading their capacity for using Nen[5] something Hisoka calls "Memory Overload". This is important information that I concluded with decent amount of gathering: Enhancers: Determined, Strongly resolved, Simple, Straight-forward, Selfish, Transmuters: Whimsical, Unpredictable, Deceitful, Masking, Unique, *Conjurers:*High-strung, Stoic, Observant, Cautious, Serious, Specialists: Individualistic, Charismatic, Unattached, Different from others, Complex, Manipulators: Logical, Advances at own pace, Cares for own, Ambitious, Indifferent, Emitters: Impatient, Volatile, Hot-Blooded, Impulsive, Non-detail-oriented. Hunter x Hunter has 6 different types of Nen (Enhancer, Emitter, Transmuter, Conjurer, Manipulator, and Specialist). Press J to jump to the feed. "interception" or "ambush attack") Nen abilities activate after the user takes damage and return it to the assailant. Abilities belonging to Manipulation (操(そう)作(さ)系(けい)()()()()()()(), Sōsa-kei; abbrev. [103], The student enhances a stone's durability using Shu and Ko to repeatedly smash other rocks without breaking the one they are holding. [20][21][22], There might be anecdotal evidence in support of talent for Nen depending at least in part on genetics and/or family history, since the fathers of Gon and Killua, whose potential can be found only in one person out of 10,000,000,[5] are both vastly above-average Nen users, and Tserriednich Hui Guo Rou, who was called a genius,[23] descends from a lineage of hosts of parasitic Nen beasts and possibly Nen users. Depending on how this Nen ability subcategory is defined, Shachmono Tocino,[110] Neon Nostrade,[139] Chrollo Lucilfer (through a stolen ability),[140] Biscuit Krueger,[141] Kite,[142] Morel Mackernasey,[56][138] Knuckle Bine,[91] Neferpitou,[72][31] Flutter,[143] Ikalgo (through a reanimated corpse),[144] Kurapika,[4] Musse,[23] Benjamin Hui Guo Rou (through an inherited ability),[33] Rihan, Yushohi,[121] and Hinrigh Biganduffno[145] might also make use of Nen beasts. There are six types of aura; every individual is born having one of these six different aura types. If in the same instance as before the Conjurer used a Limitation worth 2 MP (Mystery Points; ミステリーポイント), his defense would become: In this case, the Conjurer would be able to block the Enhancer's attack without suffering any damage. [9] Grave wounds such as mutilations can disrupt the flow of aura in the affected body part and even stop it altogether. Physical strength is represented by the acronyms AP (Attack Points; アタックポイント) and DP (Defense Points; ディフェンスポイント[inference ]), depending on the action of the Nen user, while the proficiency in Enhancement is expressed in SP (Spirit Points; センスポイント, lit. And its fun trying to understand Nen at another level of organization. [7], Acquiring control over one's aura flow is the final step to becoming a professional Hunter,[5] as per the second Hunter Bylaw. [39], Youpi, who has no human genes, releasing his aura. This could potentially prove advantageous, but in general using one's powers beyond their capacity entails a great risk and will ultimately cause strain. [28] However, it has proven to suffice to see thin layers of aura[66][70] as well as to perform Water Divination correctly. The unconscious of the ability creator plays a fundamental role in determining the exact boundaries of a condition where those boundaries are not rendered explicit. On the other hand, when it comes to pursuing their own goals, they do not listen to what others might have to say about it. Anime Debut Transmutation users have unique attitudes, and many are regarded as weirdos or tricksters. Item Statistics :). The dreams are subsequently replaced by hallucinations, which get more and more real to the point they also involve the senses of touch and hearing until the Conjurer unwittingly materializes one. The time the aura bubble can be maintained afloat reflects the strength of one's Ten.

[8], Initiation via physically attacking another is common practice at the Heavens Arena when a non-user reaches the 200th floor and typically results in injury, permanent disability, or even death. This is reflected in their Nen as enhancers typically rely on simple and uncomplicated hatsu techniques. [57] According to his theory: Furykov was able to construct a system to identify Nen users[100] and their Nen types[19] through observation alone, which he claimed is the result of his experience. [141], Very similar to the basics of Ken training, this step of Biscuit's regimen is intended to increase the student's aura pool, in particular, to allow them to maintain Ken for longer in combat. As a consequence, if the Level 10 Conjurer and Level 4 Emitter from the example used the same Level 4 Emission ability, the Force and Accuracy of the Conjurer would amount to a measly 40% of the Emitter's, who has 100% affinity, and thus 100% Force and Accuracy, for that type.[95]. Specialists are individualistic and charismatic. Ten (纏(テン), Ten; "Envelop"/"Shroud") is the process of keeping the nodes open, but also having aura flow through and around the body rather than away from it. It is utilized to damage a Ken user without leaving oneself as unprotected as during Ko, although the power of the technique is lower. They are very observant and logical, rarely falling into traps. [52] According to Wing, this is because Hunters need to be deterrents for the crime. In Neon's case, she obtained an ability that she had been wishing for since she was a child,[125] while Tserriednich manifested his own one week after being initiated to Nen and without trying or even being aware of it. Furthermore, talent does not guarantee that one will progress in all areas of Nen with the same ease, as the comparison between Gon and Killua revealed. as 具) is intended as the ability to create a physical, independent, material object out of one's aura;[5] however, users of this category can also create laws and principles and affix them to a specific area. However, it is impossible to control a target that is already under the effect of Manipulation Nen. But, because of their natural charisma that draws others, they are always surrounded by many people. as 操) allow the user to control living or non-living things, including aura constructs. [11] Hostile aura generates extremely unpleasant sensations, which can cause a non-user to halt in their tracks and be unable to walk towards the source as if a wall had been erected in front of them. [29] A basic application of this phenomenon is that one can channel their aggression or malice into their aura and deploy it towards another person (i.e. Rihan's Predator shares some affinities with exorcistical abilities, although there are also notable differences[106] which leave it questionable whether it counts as one. [4] Because one can craft a great variety of para-psychological abilities through Nen, it is considered a dangerous power that is kept hidden from the public at large[5] to maintain balance in society. [84], Uvogin trapped within Kurapika's chains, concealed from view through In, In (隱(イン), In; "Conceal") is an advanced form of Zetsu used to render one's aura imperceptible, effectively concealing it. Enables para-psychological/supernatural-like powers and abilities

Notable users of haunting type abilities include: Loan type (貸(たい)与(よ)型(がた)()()()()()()(), taiyo-gata) abilities allow the user to transfer a Nen ability to someone else so that they can use it in place of the original owner.[14]. Any form of entertainment, information, or discussion centered around the world of HxH is welcome here. However, it is possible to turn into a Specialist later in life, with Conjurers and Manipulators having the highest chance of succeeding. Rōmaji Because Specialization is unique and can have many facets, most Specialists possess only one Hatsu technique. [37][38] However, only humans and certain Magical Beasts have displayed the ability to open their Aura Nodes and use Nen. And this system proved correct when I did character analysis: *Killua Zoldyck: INTP (Transmuters as xNxP), *Kurapika (RED EYES): INTJ (Specialists as IxTx), *Leorio Paradinight: ENFJ (Emitters as ExxJ), *Hisoka Morow: INTP (Transmuters as xNxP), *Chrollo Lucilfer: ISTP (Specialists as IxTx). The death of the caster may end up strengthening the curse, instead of weakening it. [56] Since mastery of Nen leads to attunement with nature,[36] this has led to the credence that good Hunters are well-liked by animals.


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