offerings to frigg

Not of blood, but of our efforts and devotion, Frigga Bread by Tchipakkan. He is a god of knowledge and wisdom, and therefore he would understand that it truly is the thought that counts.

Baldr is another god who is not terribly picky about the offerings you give in his honor. Poems: By others

Frigga Title ], Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License. Although technically jötunn-born, at some point within the myths Loki managed to win favor with Odin, and they are considered to be blood-brothers through respect. to : [ by She the goddess of the harvest, grains, family and wedlock, and is rumored to be pleasant to honor and work with, so long as you do not need a firm talking to.

Thor is a man’s man, despite the fact he once dressed up as the goddess Freyja to take his hammer back from the giant Thrym who stole it. Although he is usually depicted as a god of light, love and beauty, Baldr was also a darker god in some ways. Back Bifrost is the rainbow bridge that connects Asgard to Midgard, where Heimdall stands guard, watching and listening to all with his horn Gjallarhorn at the ready. Larisa C Hunter is licensed under a Giving offerings, and partaking in important activities in the name of a specific deity or tribe of deities, such as the Æsir, can help form, strengthen and aid in receiving blessings from the gods.

Comfort the grieving. tree.


Home Part 2 will be up shortly! There are some items she has been known to fancy more, so lets take a look at what to offer up when working with Frigg. He is a god of alcohol, especially wine and mead, Poetry; Odin was a renowned poet, so a book of poems, your own writings or even the Norse sagas about him make an excellent gift, Intellect; the pursuit of knowledge is near and dear to this god’s heart, so offer up educational papers, research and non-fiction books to quench his thirst for wisdom, Runes; Odin is the master of the runes, and would definitely be pleased with an offering of runes on an altar in his honor, especially Ansuz (ᚨ), Raido (ᚱ), Gebo (ᚷ), Pertho (ᛈ), Ehwaz (ᛖ), Mannaz (ᛗ) and Othala (ᛟ), Weaponry; towards the end of the Viking era, Odin almost entirely replaced Tyr as the main god of war, so offerings of spear heads, swords, shields, axes or even modern day firearms are acceptable for his blessings, Herbs; Odin seems to fancy pipe tobacco, the nine sacred herbs, ash leaves, elm leaves, yew berries, horehound, cinquefoil and parsley, Animals; figures of his sacred animals like the wolf (Geri, Freki), the raven (Huginn, Muninn), the horse (Sleipnir) and the bear for the shamanic warriors who fought in his name, the berserkers, Food; the foods you can offer to Odin include smoked salmon, beef and lamb, as well as vegetables like asparagus, garlic, leeks and mushrooms, however it is best to eat these yourself as an honored feast to Odin instead of sitting them out for him (he does not eat, remember), Wool; Frigg is the patron of weavers, so wool, spindles, spinning wheels and distaffs are some of her symbols, Fireplace; Frigg is a hearth goddess, so keeping your own hearth clean and placing offerings inside it for Frigg is a great way to connect with her, Keys; old keys, skeleton keys or keys special to you like a spare key to your first home, apartment, etc…, Marriage; for practitioners that are married, wedding bands, photos or other items from your wedding on your altar can serve as offerings to Frigg to ask her for guidance and protection in your marriage, Children; Frigg is the goddess of motherhood, so photos of your own children, child figurines or special items from your children (lost teeth, first hair cuttings, drawings) are also appropriate offerings, Cleaning; keeping a clean home is a great offering to Frigg, or the act of cleaning someone else’s home due to an illness or inability can also be offered up to her, Birch; birch cuttings, branches, leaves or slices can be offered with runes carved, drawn or burned onto them, Runes; the runes Berkana (ᛒ), Wunjo (ᚹ), Othala (ᛟ) and Fehu (ᚠ) can all be placed upon your altar as offerings to Frigg, Food; milks (animal or plant), pastries, honey cakes, bread, fruit juices or fruity wines, mead, honey and berries, Coins; special, unique and preferably silver coins are a favorite offering given to Loki, especially when you bury them with another kind of offering for him, or leave a dish of them out for him on your altar, Birch; Loki is another god connected to the birch tree, and seems to enjoy fires lit in his honor with birch logs, Findings; random objects you find while out for a walk are items you can offer to Loki, especially toys since he is a god of mischief afterall, Alcohol; with Loki and alcohol, almost anything goes, but especially local brews, good beer, whiskey, cinnamon flavored liquors, spiced rum, malts, bitters, absinthe, moonshine, vodka, tequila, ciders and mulled wines, Candy; I have been told Loki has a major sweet tooth so some of his followers always leave out some pieces of candy for him on their altar, or save a few bites for him from their own candy bar, Sweets; stemming off the candy, he also seems to enjoy cakes, cookies, pastries and just plain sugar left out for him in a dish, Spices; Loki also seems to have a taste for spices and spicy foods, cinnamon, clove and black pepper being popular spices, while hot peppers are also great offerings to him, Red; this seems to be a preferred color of Loki since he is often depicted as a redhead in paintings, so red apples, red velvet cakes and red candies are especially favorable to him along with other items in the color red, Incense; dragon’s blood, sandalwood, myrrh, clove and cinnamon are the preferred scents to burn in his honor, but nothing too masculine nor too feminine for this god. Sigyn then spent her days catching venom from a snake placed directly above her bound husband, leaving only once in a while to empty the bowl before returning to her place. This shows that whether you are devoted to the gods or not, setting out offerings for the gods, ancestors and spirits is something any type of practitioner can do. Service Offerings: Help mothers and children. Stories & Myths Terms of About & FAQ Heimdall is also a god who appreciates things done in his honor, even more than material offerings, so he is a bit easier to honor daily than some other members of the Æsir. This work by Through you, Frigga, we ask that this life That was only because he and the other gods feared the giants could gain rule over Asgard with Thrym in possession of Mjölnir, so do not allow that minor tale to dim his masculinity. Heimdall is the god of guardianship and another god of light, while also being the Guardian of Bifrost. Offerings made in Idun’s honor seem to be very simple and straight forward, but she is said to be hard to please by some of her followers.

Bragi is the poet and minstrel to the gods, and is the husband of Idun.

Music & Songs In Snorri’s Prose Edda, in the book Gylfaginning, Gefjun turns four of her sons into oxen to plow the lands King Gylfi promised to her.

So despite Snorri’s depiction of him, Baldr was not the innocent martyr he was made out to be in the sagas and Eddas.

Working with Loki can prove to be interesting according to some of his followers, or folks who work with him alongside the other Æsir gods. The watchman of Asgard is a very easy god to please.

Clean your house, or someone else’s. And you provide, greatly.

Jokes; although he probably wouldn’t be too keen on a really cheesy knock-knock joke, to please the god of trickery and mischief you could put out some good joke books or jokes written on note cards; just don’t insult his intellect, Loki is no dummy! You who hears the secrets of the All-father, Contraindicated: Letting the altar area get dirty. Thoughtful and mindful gifts, no matter how small, are what Odin prefers over grandeur or plenty. Author ]   [ She is a very accepting goddess to make offerings to, and really only gets offended by unclean altar spaces and homes. Since I myself am not a religious person, and my beliefs are more animistic than theistic, I still place offerings upon my altar space when I feel called to, doing this in honor of my beloved characters from the Eddas and sagas. She is the sister to Mani, god of the moon, and each ride across the sky in a horse drawn chariot, all while being chased by the wolves Skoll (mockery) and Hati (hate). Before Odin made his way onto the scene, Tyr was considered the main god worshiped by the early proto-Germanic people. She is famously connected to fruits, especially the apple or pomegranate, and these fruits imparted immortality to whoever ate them. Frigga values kindness and work, in that order, so the best offerings are those of aid to others, especially to women in need. Mani also seems to be receptive to offerings in his honor like his sister Sol, even though there is even less known about him, except he is said to be very beautiful and named after the moon. Runes; Loki is connected to the runes Hagalaz (ᚺ), Ehwaz (ᛖ) and Kenaz (ᚲ) which can be set out upon your altar in his honor, Hammers; this offering may seem obvious, but hammers make a great offering to Thor whether you made your own Mjölnir out of wood, metal or clay, or carve Thor’s runes onto an old hammer you use around your house, Goats; Thor is also known for his two goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr who were able to be eaten and then revived with Mjölnir, so goat hides, horns, julbocks or other goat figures are a great offering on an altar for Thor, Belts; while Mjölnir may be Thor’s most iconic tool, he also possessed the belt of immense strength Megingjörð so your own belt can be placed upon your altar to honor Thor and ask him to bless it, Carts; Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr pulled Thor across the sky in his chariot, so chariot and cart replicas are another way to honor him on your altar space, Lightning; as the god of thunder and lightning, photos of lightning or lightning bolt symbols burned into wood make excellent offerings, Beer; Thor was also known for almost unquenchable thirst and hunger, downing vats of beer like only the manliest of men could do, so really high quality beer and mead are very appropriate offerings to Thor, Meats; sorry veggie lovers, but our man Thor was a real carnivore, so feasts of beef, pork, lamb, chicken and other meat, especially smoked, eaten in his honor is another way to pay homage to him, Root Vegetables; yes even with his love of meat, Thor on occasion delights in a serving of potatoes, onions, garlic and possibly some other hearty veggies like leeks, turnips and mushrooms eaten in his honor, but of course so long as these came with a side of roasted meat, Storms; watching a storm rolling by your home (safely), or collecting a jar of storm water and placing it upon Thor’s altar makes a fine offering, Plants; Thor isn’t one for flowers, but he is connected to the hawthorn tree, so clippings from hawthorns make an excellent offering, as well as the roots of tormentil (, Runes; the rune Thurisaz (ᚦ) is considered to be Thor’s rune, but Uruz (ᚢ), Sowilo (ᛊ), Kenaz (ᚲ), and Gebo (ᚷ) are also runes to place out for Thor on your altar, Cords; swearing oaths is close to Tyr’s heart, so cords that are knotted in his honor make appropriate offerings on your altar, Swords; real swords carved or engraved with his rune Tiwaz (ᛏ) hung above or placed on your altar space, Scales; weight scales that are symbol of weighing justice to pay homage to his role as the god of justice and legal matters, Plants; holly boughs and berries are connected to Tyr, as well as mustard seed which can be placed in a small vial or dish on your altar, Service; sometimes for Tyr, the best way to honor him is through volunteering your time to help others in need, especially volunteering at your local shelter, soup kitchen or even becoming a volunteer first responder, Lights; Baldr is the god of light, so adding a lamp, candle or some of the popular fairy lights to your altar are a great way to honor him, Plants; chamomile, calendula, St Johns Wart, bay leaves, ash boughs and cedar, Food; mead, pale ales, tea with honey and white wines poured into drinking horns make appropriate offerings to Baldr, Incense; frankincense, cinnamon and nag champa can be burned in Baldr’s honor, Weapons; as mentioned above, Baldr is a skilled fighter and delights in participating in battle, so you can offer him weapons of many kinds, as well as helmets and shields placed near his altar, Horns; obviously horns are connected to Heimdall with his own the Gjallarhorn, so a blowing horn on your altar to honor him is a great idea, Candles; being another god of light, white candles especially make an excellent offering, Crystals; clear quartz, rainbow aura quartz, citrine, diamonds and any crystal that is clear enough to refract light, Fire; Heimdall enjoys fires lit (safely) in his honor using oak or birch logs preferably, Plants; yellow roses, daisies, carnations and vervain, and herbs that help with the mind and its health, Drink; honey mead, lemon juice, wine spritzer, coffee, tea and water in a cup or drinking horn on your altar, Meditation; taking a few moments out of your day to just sit, listen and reflect pays homage to Heimdall’s role as the Watchman of Asgard, Knowledge; Heimdall appreciates intellect and seems to enjoy his followers getting into philosophy, or other pursuits that strengthen the mind, Observation; as a watchman and guardian, you can honor Heimdall by simply taking time out of your day to observe nature or things going on around you, especially by unplugging from electronic devices, Dependability; Heimdall is one of the most, if not, Guarding; join your local neighborhood watch, volunteering as a first responder, or joining a local search and rescue team, Oxen; obviously one of her main symbols is the ox, so any oxen figurines or photos on your altar will pay her homage, Plows; a model plow especially in an older style can be used as a symbol of Gefjun on your altar, Tools; gardening, farming or other tools of the trade for farmers can be used to honor Gefjun, Incense; any floral scents, but especially lavender, rosemary and jasmine seem to be appreciated by her, Gardening; planting a garden, growing your own vegetables, plowing fields, planting trees and shrubs, tending weeds and landscaping, Plants; wheat, oats, corn, barley, yarrow, mullein, thyme, hay and straw are all connected to Gefjun, Trees; alder, hawthorn and sycamore boughs, slices and leaves, Outdoors; spending time outdoors in nature seems to be a great way to connect with Gefjun, and she is said to prefer outdoor altar spaces if possible, Hard Work; Gefjun is one of the most hard working goddesses, so you can honor her by working hard yourself, Fruits; apples, pomegranates, figs, cherries, plums and pears seem to be the preferred fruits to offer to Idun on your altar, Nuts; since the old Norse term for “apple” (, Flowers; apple blossoms, cherry blossoms and other fruit blossoms, lilies and azaleas, Drink; apple juice, apple cider, pomegranate juice and fruity wine or mead in preferably an ornate cup strictly for her make excellent offerings, Pie; some of her followers have found Idun has a love of pie, especially apple, cherry and pecan flavored, Chests; Idun was said to be the only one with the ability to collect the sacred fruit that granted immortality, and that she kept these in a golden chest, so a small chest either painted gold or gilded with golden trim would make an excellent item to honor her with on your altar, Orchards; visiting a fruit orchard, planting your own orchard, volunteering at an orchard or even planting a fruit or nut tree on your property is a great way to pay homage to Idun, Poetry; Bragi at heart is a poet, and seems to enjoy books of poems and your own writing left upon your altar for him, and is even said to encourage beginner poets who may feel their writing is not up to par, Writing; Bragi is also a famed storyteller, and appreciates you honoring him with your own stories, or stories that are near and dear to you heart, Music; play classic or worldly music, play an instrument, or leave your own written songs on your altar, Instruments; harps are especially close to Bragi’s heart, but any type of musical instrument will do and can be devoted to him, Live Performances; going to your local community theater, seeing bands play in parks or at local festivals, seeing movies at non-chain cinemas, donating to musical and artistic charities, supporting music schools and stores, supporting local musicians and actors, or even joining a troupe yourself, Galdr; learning the art of galdr can be devoted to Bragi, The Sagas; learning and reading the sagas, Eddas and skaldic poems from ancient Scandinavia during a devotional to Bragi makes a great homage to him, Food; any food or drink offering you would give to an esteemed guest makes him happy, Plants; lily of the valley, beech trees, ferns and white roses, Incense; rosemary, sandalwood, sweetgrass and lemongrass burned on his altar is an easy offering, Gold; Forsetti seems to be easily won over with the offering of gold coins, but he also likes other items in gold like axes, chains and rings, Holy Water; he is linked to holy springs, so a dish or vial of holy water placed on your altar makes a suitable offering to him, Donations; monetary donations to places of justice in his honor, Plants; Forsetti seems to prefer mountain laurel, yew, holly, pine cones, ivy leaves, and an assortments of nuts and seeds, Equality; treating others as your equal, and being mindful with how you pass judgement is a great way to honor Forsetti, Sundials; being the goddess of the sun, a sundial could be a unique way to pay homage to Sol on your altar or in an outside place you worship her in, Candles; yellow and orange candles with the rune Sowilo (ᛊ) carved or drawn on it can be lit in her honor, Runes; Sol is connected to the runes Sowilo (ᛊ) and Dagaz (ᛞ), Crystals; citrine, yellow topaz, pyrite, gold and other yellow crystals are linked to Sol, Horses; horse figures, especially drawing a chariot, can be used as an offering to her, Foods; chili peppers, turmeric, garlic, ginger and sunflower seeds, Drink; lemon juice, honey mead, white wine and coffee in a bronze, copper or gold cup, Plants; sunflowers, buttercups, pansies, solidago (goldenrod), and orange trees can be planted or placed on your altar in her honor, Sunlight; opening your curtains to let the sunlight in, or sitting outside and enjoying some rays (safely) can be a great way to connect with Sol, Moon Water; Mani is said to enjoy offerings of moon water, full or new, placed in silver dishes on your altar in his name, Symbolism; photos or wall hangings of the moon phases, moon lamps, and silver moon jewelry, Horses; like his sister Sol, figures of horses and chariots make an excellent offering to him, Crystals; all types of moonstone, aquamarine and clear quartz, Incense; Mani is said to delight in incense burned in his honor, and seems to really appreciate peppermint, myrrh, vanilla and patchouli, Plants; night blooming flowers, lily of the valley, jasmine, periwinkle, seaweed, paper birch, silver birch and aspen trees, Hour Glass; an hour glass, especially if you can find one in pewter, silver or sterling silver, makes a great offering to Mani, Grains; wheat, barley, rice, oat, millet and other grains in a wooden or clay dish are some offerings for Sif especially when given to her during the harvest time, Seeds; Sif seems to also like dishes of flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds and sesame seeds left on her altar as well, Flowers; hops, marigolds, chamomile, solidago (goldenrod), mums, daffodils, dandelions and yellow tulips, Edibles; besides raw grains, you can offer Sif homemade bread, porridge, cream of wheat, honey, tea, beer, honey mead, milk from pasture raised animals or even milk made from oats, rice, soy, flax or hemp, Cannabis; yes, our girl Sif is said to be fond of cannabis burned or smoked in her honor (do not do this if it is not legal in your area!


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