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In addition, DCFS must provide the results of the physical examination to the court, to any counsel for the minor, and any counsel for the parent/guardian of the minor. For siblings or other children who live in the same home and/or have contact with the alleged perpetrator (companion cases), Medical Hubs will request that the CSW provide complete information at intake from the CSW’s interview of each child.

a request for an investigative / evidentiary medical examination should be made via, documenting all contacts with the FFA social worker, , Assessing Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse, counseling and discussion of available birth control options, California Department of Social Services (CDSS), Manual of Policies and Procedures (MPP) Division 31-206.361, Welfare and Institutions Code (WIC) Section 324.5, West San Fernando Valley (Santa Clarita Satellite Office), SCAN Clinic Community Assessment and Treatment Center. At the time of initial placement, inform the caregiver of the requirement to utilize Medical Hubs. LAC+USC Hub Extended Care (E-Care) Clinic hours are: State regulations require a medical examination for all children placed in out-of-home care. If a child has a severe or life threatening injury, he/she should be seen at an emergency care facility or trauma center. Apartment . Increased capacity to deal with forensic exams of children with acute marks and bruises. s which demonstrate either a medical emergency, or for preservation of evidence of a crime.

As part of a joint effort between DHS and DCFS, the E-mHub System accepts the electronic transmission of the DCFS Medical Hub Referral Form and returns appointment status alerts and completed examination forms, to DCFS via an e-mail notification.

Completed examination forms may be accessed through the link in the email notification by using the SITE User ID (employee number) and Password (current password used by employee).

Submit to CHLA through the Rightfax feature.

After the Medical Hub Referral Form has been submitted, telephone the Medical Hub to verify receipt of the document and provide clarifying or additional information, as necessary, on the child being referred. Review the information on the DCFS 561(a), Medical Examination Form, the California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA), and CWMHST screen. Receive direction from the Hub’s physician on the appropriateness of, and the timeframe for a forensic evaluation.

If a child has severe or life threatening injuries, he/she should be brought to an emergency care facility or trauma center and then be referred to the Hub after his/her injuries have been stabilized. The mandatory use of the Medical Hubs does not apply to children placed outside of Los Angeles County. | Privacy Policy If the Specialist determines that a physical examination is appropriate, the examination must be performed by a Specialist. Receive the documents faxed by the CHLA to the designated fax machine in the DCFS SPA office. Fax the completed DCFS 561(a) to the Foster Family Agency (FFA) or group home representative within five (5) business days of receipt. In these cases, however, the forensic examiner may wait to issue written findings to DCFS until the requested records and/or information are received. ), Review of the child’s health history, when available, Forensic screening to determine if an expert forensic evaluation is needed, Measurements (e.g. | Privacy Policy If any information has changed since the time of the original referral, a new form should be submitted.

Established in 1994, Olive View Investment is located at 14500 Olive View Dr in Sylmar, CA - Los Angeles County and is a business listed in the categories Unfurnished Apartments, Apartments & Buildings, Apartments & Rental Apartments, Operators and Apartments Unfurnished. - Medical Hubs are available to provide forensic evaluations for children who are not detained.

On the Medical Hub Referral Form, in the “Specify reason for DCFS current and prior involvement” field, note that this is an inter-county transfer case.

It is a joint effort between DHS and DCFS. | Some data from Acxiom, Unfurnished Apartments in San Fernando, CA. For children who are being referred to a Medical Hub for an exam after being discharged from a Hub-affiliated hospital, the child should be referred to that Hub whenever possible. Any DCFS-served youth can be seen at any of the Medical Hubs for. During the consultation with the Medical Hub personnel regarding the appropriateness of forensic evaluation, inform the Medical Hub personnel if there is a “valid reason” to exclude the family members from the exam room during a medical procedure. This policy guide provides information on Medical Hubs including their locations, the services they offer, and guidance on how to use them.

The following procedures apply to Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA) referrals only: Medical Hubs for the Department of Children and Family Services, Initial Medical Examinations and Forensic Examinations, Know Your Rights for Sexual Health Services and Sexual Health Services Available at the Medical Hub Clinics, DCFS 174, Family Centered Referral and Services Form, DCFS 179, Parental Consent and Authorization for Medical Care and Release of Health and Education Records (also available in Spanish), DCFS 179-MH, Parental Consent for Child’s Mental Health/Developmental Assessment and Participation in Mental Health/Developmental ServicesServices provided by the Regional Centers, which include diagnostic evaluation, coordination or resources such as education, health, welfare, rehabilitation and recreation for persons with developmental disabilities. Upon receipt of the Initial Medical Examination or any urgent CWMHST from the Medical Hub, review the DCFS 561(a), and the CWMHST. It is also the first periodic medical exam that must occur when a child is initially placed under DCFS supervision. Any child for whom a detention decision is being made based on a current physical finding, but an examination or consultation by a trained forensic examiner has not occurred. The Rightfax feature does not provide electronic appointment status notifications to staff, and medical examination results will continue to be manually faxed to DCFS by the CHLA Hub. Los Angeles County. If a CSW is seeking and cannot get an immediate non-emergent medical appointment, he/she should not delay the process of detaining a child. If the Receipt notification is not received, the submission was not successfully sent. Timeframe for Submitting Initial Medical Examination Requests. Medical Hubs will request that DCFS provide all pertinent medical records and case information. Complete and submit the Medical Hub Referral Form through E-mHub/Rightfax within three (3) calendar days of the child’s initial placement. Also, don't forget to mention Hubbiz to Oliveview Townhomes Hoa. For a list of designated staff that receives these faxes and the designated office fax numbers, refer to the document, Designated Fax Lines.

But if thou boastest, thou bearest not the root, but the root thee. Upon submission of the Medical Hub Referral Form, a Medical Hub Referral Receipt notification is received (with the exception of Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA)) to verify that the transmission was successfully transmitted to the E-mHub System.
Document all contacts with the caregiver, Hub staff, the SLS, PHN, DMH co-located staff, and the Educational Liaison (if applicable) in the Contact Notebook. Failure to obtain the physical exam cannot be used as grounds for denying a petition. Within thirty (30) days of being assigned an.

Explore the new MTB world Why don’t you find the brand-new MTB fun? 0070-548.20, Taking Children into Temporary CustodyThe removal of a child from the home of a parent or legal guardian and placement or facilitation of placement of the child in the home of a non-offending parent, relative, foster caregiver; group home or institutional setting.Temporary custody also includes: placing hospital holds on children; situations in which the CSW interrupts an established Family Law Court custody or visitation orders when the CSW believes that if the order is carried out, the child would be placed in immediate risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation and the child is allowed to remain in the home of the non-offending parent; situations in which DCFS requests that law enforcement remove a child from the home of his or her parent/legal guardian and the CSW places the child with a relative or unrelated caregiver; and situations in which the child is living with a relative or an unrelated caregiver and all of the following conditions exist: child’s parent is asking for the child to be returned home, CSW believes that the return of the child to his or her parent would place the child at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation, CSW does not allow the child to be returned to his or her parent; and, the child remains in the home of the relative or is placed in out-of-home care.

The statutes also states that DCFS must, whenever possible, request that additional medical exams to determine child abuse injuries or neglect, be performed by the same medical practitioner who performed the initial exam. In such a case, an immediate (same day or next day) appointment will be scheduled and the CSW will be requested to accompany the child.

An appointment for similar service already made at the Hub, Cancelled (will indicate if initiated by caregiver, Hub, DCFS or Other), Rescheduled (will indicate if initiated by caregiver, Hub, DCFS or Other), To Be Rescheduled (will indicate if initiated by caregiver, Hub, DCFS or other). The link to the forms from the email notifications is only available to DCFS staff for ten (10) business days from the date of the email. After you do business with Oliveview Townhomes Hoa, please leave a review to help other people and improve hubbiz. Proceed according to the direction received from the Medical Hubs. Instruct the caregiver to contact the Medical Hub closest to his/her home, within the designated timeframe for the submission of the Medical Hub Referral Form, or the estimated timeframe when the Referral will be submitted to the Medical Hub. Notify the caregiver that examinations at Medical Hubs are comprehensive and therefore can be lengthier than routine exams conducted by a community health care provider. Each Medical Hub will complete an age-appropriate mental health screening, using the Child Welfare Mental Health Screening Tools (CWMHST). Upon completion of a Medical Hub Referral Form, the CSW should press the same “SUBMITtoEmHub” button currently used to submit the Referral Form to the E-mHub System.

There may be a delay in the immediate scheduling of an appointment. Provide him/her with the instructions/requirements for making an appointment and utilizing the Medical Hub closest to the child’s placement.


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