prayers to break spirit of rebellion
I take all curses and vows in force against them and our family and nail them to the cross of Jesus Christ (Col 2:13-15, Gal 3:13-14). The adversary of their souls is waging spiritual battle for the lives of an entire generation. From Prayer Essentials For Living In His Presence, Vol. You can add to this prayer as inspired by the Holy Spirit and through scripture. I will rejoice with those who rejoice and will mourn with those who mourn. Parents and intercessors ask, “Lord, what do You want for this young generation?” Surely God’s answer is that they inherit the promises promised to the descendants of His servants (Deut. Train them in the discipline of the Lord that will yield holiness and the fruit of righteousness.

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2 Corinthians 4:6. ? ? Replace it with knowledge of Your love, mercy, and grace. God, You commanded light to shine out of darkness. Prayer Every spirit of rebellion I bind and cast you out of my life, in Jesus’ name Every power that rebels against God release my life, in the name of Jesus I release my life, from every yoke of rebellion, in Jesus' name I repent, from every rebellion against God, in Jesus' name I dismantle every apparatus of rebellion in my life, in Jesus' name ? I also repent for not submitting to every ordinance of man. Lord, please disconnect me from any evil network and I break all ungodly ties between the abode of the enemy and myself. Because God is good, he is merciful and forgiving. Keep praying and keep standing. You have entered an incorrect email address! God cannot change, his goodness is constant, never wavering or failing (James 1:17). I will live at peace with everyone. Prayer to Remove the Roots of Rebellion Here is the prayer we constructed: In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I repent for all generational idolatry. I choose to be devoted to one another in brotherly love and to honor one another above myself. I will not take revenge on others. I stand against ancestral, generational, and familiar empowerments.

I will have regard for the good things in sight of all men. I repent for all envy and jealousy of the spiritual gifts and capacities of others. If you have been rebellious, ask the Holy Spirit to search you and show you where and repent. A Parents Prayer for their child in rebellion Many dear Christian parents have broken hearts because of rebellious, sin bound children who seem to be in bondage to Satan.

Iwill not be conceited. Before, you use this prayer, please read Matthew 12:43-45.

I will not repay evil for evil. I repent for all envy and jealousy of the mind, physical bodies, and personalities of others. The issue is who will rule them: the Lord Jesus Christ or the king of lawlessness. I plead Your covering of grace and mercy over all their present and past involvement in sin, iniquity, and rebellion that could give the evil one legal ground to affect or control. Thank your loving Father for his heart to call the heart of your rebel back to him.

Lord, please set me as a seal upon Your heart, and a seal upon Your arm, for Your love is stronger than death. I choose to cast off the work of darkness and to put on the armor of Light, the Lord Jesus Christ, and to make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lust.

? In general, young people today are being opposed to a degree that perhaps the world has never seen. I was really impressed how on fire for God they were. Thank God for every righteous forerunner of the young generation. Those whom the enemy cannot extinguish by abortion he is intent on stealing, killing, or destroying at younger and younger ages. Anoint their bedroom, vehicle and possessions with anointing oil. I repent for any worship of myself and any need of personal recognition. When you minister in his goodness, you minister something of his love. I pray that they will hunger and thirst for righteousness. Strengthen them in the Lord and cause them to order their life under the Lordship of Jesus. Pray over their food while you prepare it and their clothes while you fold the laundry.


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