skyrim crosshair fix
Notice:Please read bugs/limitations list in sticky post before using full version.This is optional MAIN file with camera features included. Hope this works for you guys too. Provides total control over the crosshair position for archery and magic to match the hit point shift caused by the custom animations and mods.

[+] New option "Stealth Meter: Force AIM FIX Position" - enable it when you don't like the custom UI's position for stealth meter, so that the AIM FIX will use its own position for lowered stealth meter (centered below). [+] Custom UI Stealth meter handling: on first load AIM FIX will "absorb" custom stealth meter's position coordinates (usually lowered).

[+] Zoom Speed (Mouse Wheel) - Speed of zooming when using mouse wheel scroll. Now it works better. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). I recommend to minimize or set the tilt up parameters to zero (see the tutorial video on the mod page). P.S. If you have 16:10 screen then the best FOV is 65. You probably saw such situations when first time you draw/sheathe weapon/magic auto-switch does not triggers but next time, and so on, it works flawlessly. its own iHUD patch), 5. As soon you turn camera away the crosshair dissapears. This will not affects the magic offsets. [+] New option "Reveal Advanced Compatibility Menu" - activates hidden MCM-section - 'Advanced Compatibility' next below General Settings. [+] MCM: individual camera and crosshair settings now categorized by the Activity profiles (previously known as the camera profiles): Exploration Activity (no weapon/spell drawn), Ranged Activity and Melee Activity. [+] New option "Process Camera Zoom In/Out Keys" - Disabling this hook will cause AIM FIX to stop capturing and processing camera zooming in and out (default keys are the mouse wheel up/down) to suit needs of some another mod, if you consciously want it.

heal of flames). Left handed spells will apply during dual fire attack as soon as the right attack button is released. As you can see the AIM FIX mod is quite flexible.

© Valve Corporation. Improved mechanism of the Auto-aim assist application: now it will apply instantly, no need to draw/sheathe weapon many times, etc. after equipping in favorites/inventory menus). for any weapon / spell during sheathing / drawing / eqipping (incl. AIMFIX.esp has ESL flag now which gives +1 free plugin slot.

Spend points there, I beleive 2 are for slowing down time with left mouse button while aiming, firing. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), [*] Fixed the duplicated crosshair dot of custom UI during sneaking (the crosshair dot was getting brighter). All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

both first and third-person view are affected. )You'll soon develop an instinct for how high to aim for long range and learn to lead moving targets. As before the further right this is the higher the supersampling and the sharper everything will look, though the more demanding. [+] MCM: improved MCM hints (appearing below): now they also contain technical info about specific game parameters being changed (e.g.

When stealth meter is below the regular crosshair will be shown at the center (if it enabled too). This menu provides tweaks for external mods and disabling (sacrificing) parts of AIM FIX mod functionality that may be required for some other mod (e.g. 1.4. [+] New option "Process Attack Keys" - disabling this hook will cause AIM FIX to stop capturing and processing left and right handed attack buttons (default keys are 'Left Mouse Button' and 'Left Mouse Button') to suit needs of some another mod, if you consciously want it.

[+] New option "Tweaks for Archery Gameplay Overhaul" - available only if AGO is installed. Most of the camera settings was renamed and placed in more appropriate order. Had a mod moving the stealth UI on the lower left but AGO's moving crosshair created problems. (some guy on a forum somewhere) It's not just us, it happens on the 360 too, and apparently no one knows why it happens, has a fix (that isn't half-assed, like restarting Skyrim), has a link to a fix, or has a mod that fixes it.

This difference appears because the aiming assist has its own internal aiming point control when it enabled. luckily we have the AIM FIX aiming offsets feature, so if you are a pro shooter then it's your way.

DISTURBING ARROW ABOVE CROSSHAIR SHOOT, HOW TO FIX?!?!?!?!? Since the bug's apparently been out for well over a year, there's no hope of Bethesda fixing it. Of course all settings can be changed. [+] New toggle option "Crosshair: Show during Hovering on Objects" - individual switch for Ranged Activity to dynamically display the hovering crosshair.


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