snake killing stick
Yeah, I actually borrowed this idea from a show I watched years and years ago that had Jeff Corwin in it. Put a good bead around the entire shoulder. 2. Especially useful for moving or studying snakes in the wi… Snake Catching Stick Rs 1,440/ Piece Get Latest Price Though all snakes are not venomous, some of them such as King Cobra, Common Indian Krator, Spectle Cobra, Saw Scaled Wiper etc. We are manufacturer and supplier providing at best price without compromising the quality. We all get bit. First, you can call a professional wildlife expert from my below directory. Terms of Use

The only good snake is a dead snake - dead wrong, and the belief of bad people.

It sort of goes with herpetology. I spy the quote of the week:Like most hobbies, your best bet is to start small and NON-VENOMOUS.If only they had given that advice before my uncle took up stamp-collecting... LOL. We have the impending to provide any larger orders for our products within the given time. on Introduction.

You basically have two options for getting rid of your snake(s) without killing them. I should give that a try!

© Copyright Catcher Pole 2020, All Rights Reserved, Manufacturer of Animal Net/Pole and Instruments | Phone: 94311-71929, Snake Catching Stick at Best Price in India. on Introduction. 6 years ago They ought to be treated with respect. |

Especially useful for moving or studying snakes in the wild. Snake Stick: This is a quick instructable on how to construct a snake stick of basically the same materials professionals use. The jaw traps snakes and other reptiles into its hold and does not release the animal till the snake catcher wish it so. Here's where it all comes together. Waterproof and no water seepage 6.

“Raja killed a snake with a stick.” is the correct sentence. A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Feel free to post a link here when it's done! Awesome!

Normally, I use plumbing solder to affix the hook to the handle. I harvested my golf club handle from a rooftop, in Cuyahoga Falls. 11 years ago Choose the length that fits you best. on Step 7, Awesome.. you just saved me from having to actually purchase something... and it sure beats the search for just the right stick before every hike. This one is about 40. After that, you can hit the plastic end caps with a hammer until they break. Privacy Policy These sticks have a foldable handle, which allows easy storage. The golf club handle was their idea. on Step 7, This is actually a sweet idea I am gonna make one this week. 12 years ago These equipment come with long rods, so that the snake may be held at a safe distance from the body. This step is fairly important. | on Introduction. Waterproof save energy electronic snake trap OEM/ODM Yes and Welcome Material ABS +Aluminum Sample Time 5-7 Working days Shipping Small Order: DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT etc, Big Order: By air or By Sea Payment L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram H. S Code 8543709990 Technical Data 1. Shovels, rakes, sticks and knives are not the proper snake-killing utensils, though those tools have probably killed more snakes than anything else. The sticks are generally lightweight so that they can be easily handled. Chases moles, burrowing rodents and snakes. Does the presence of these dangerous reptiles affect your everyday life? The paint roller was mine. Taobao Global Do you live in a place infested with snakes and other reptiles? Use the sapling as a walking stick as you go through the woods.If you encounter a snake, just hit him behind the head.This will immobilize him and you can then add a few more licks square on top of the head for good measure, Then you can lift up the snake using the stick and place him in spot that he will not be noticeable. I have never encountered a snake large enough to pull the hook out of the handle, although I suppose they are out there. Not bad...whats the biggest snake you've used it on? I'd love to see! Snake catching equipment is easily available at a low cost both online and offline in Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Ranchi, Kolkata and rest part of India.

on Step 7. Go ahead. Finally a sensible snake intstructable! Here, I must make my verbal warning against snake-handling. 12 years ago

My girl and I participate in the Hiking Sprees here in NE Ohio, and this makes a convenient walking stick when used upside down.

Sad really.

Battery slot included,you can easily change the batteries without pull the whole product out of the ground,it's more convenient. We can also ship the Snake catching stick to other countries like US, UK, Canada, Africa, Australia etc. We have the impending to provide any larger orders for our products within the given time. Alipay With snakes, there are really only two ways to do it; repel them or use giant glue traps to capture and kill them. I, in no way, shape or form guarantee that a snake won't bite you while wielding this stick. Lazada, Browse Alphabetically:

Then there are a couple retaining washers. Despite its length, the tool is very durable. Also, it lends a certain air of authenticity to your claims of being a "woodsman." If you have no experience with reptiles, I suggest a book. Don't really care how you get it done, just do it. I needed this for a friend, immediately, so electric solder is what I had.

(to see if i for some reason know u lol). 浙公网安备 33010002000092号

on Step 6.

I suppose you could also use epoxy or J.B. Weld, though I never have. The Audubon society publishes great books with detailed pictures from which it is easy to tell whether or not you should attempt to move or study a snake in the wild.

A professional catcher stick will ensure that you do not have to worry about snakes, as they can always be caught. I've never found a snake in the wild that was too large to pick up by hand, so my snake hook in used for my argentine boa and my carpet python. Every component from the handle to the cable mechanism is built to last. The chances we have crossed paths is likely.

If you did it right, the joint will suck the solder in.

Use more glue traps if the place is rat-infested. I find it's really useful for holding the head down while getting a firm grip. Intellectual Property Protection Power supply by 3xD batteries (not included) 4. An average snake catcher stick can be between 25 inches and 96 inches in length, as their weight may vary from 800 gm to 1.5 kg. We're going to stabilize this joint in a moment. Wow, that's a great idea! | Showroom

All rights reserved. It’s made from stainless steel tubing. Go all the way to the first bend. 10 years ago One of the best steps, Destruction. If using electric solder, it is a little more difficult. With the help of a snake catcher stick, people can get rid of snakes in their area without hurting themselves as well as without killing the snakes. 12 years ago Also makes a serviceable walking stick. I am sure this will work allot better than a stick, Reply It not only stabilizes the joint but it also protects the snake from any deformities caused by the hammer. A snake stick is a hooked tool used to immobilize, hold, and pick up snakes. This comes with a jaw at the end of the handle, which is controlled by a spring. I'll give it a try the next time i can scavenge a graphite club. i tryed this but before i connected the club handle to the roller handle i just cut up about 2 foot of solder into like 1 inch pieces, dropped the solder into the club handle, put the roller handle in, turned it back over, then torched the end to melt the solder, it worked great, you should try it!!! | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy How you harvest the three pieces you use can change, though they rarely deviate far from a pair of pliers or two and a Sawzall, Dremel, or pipe cutter. With a length of 60 inches, these tongs are great for finding and capturing snakes in the brush. gracias, Reply i go to cuyahoga falls high, r u in school or are you older? 浙B2-20120091. Next one I build, I'm trying that technique. Reply

on Introduction. Don't go looking for trouble where none exists, and don't sue me when you get bit . How To Get Rid Of Snakes – Snake Repellent And Snake Traps. - Check to make sure your fit is loose enough to slide in. For better effect in winter, heat it on heating plpe before usage. A wide variety of snake stick options are available to you, such as eco-friendly, disposable, and stocked. SIZE & MEASURMENT: 1. Frequency:400HZ-1000HZ 5. Yeah actually you can use graphite shafts cause if you heat up the paint roller and stick it in it will form to it. This equipment comes with extra heavy duty and easy to catch live snake safely. If something is killing the snake, you use “by” to say how or by whom the snake died.

Thank you! If you live near rural areas, or if you are fond of camping, snakes will always be a threat to your safety and security, especially in the warm seasons. 2. This is the surefire items list. Hebei Archerfish Network Technology Co., Ltd. Aosion International (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Changzhou Jinxu Special Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo Beilun Chuanghui Metal Product Co., Ltd. Linyi Guangda Import and Export Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Baming Science And Technology Ltd. Shijiazhuang Kangfa Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xinying Hygienic Products Co., Ltd. Linyi Friendship Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Gaochuangxin Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Zhiling Industry Development Co., Ltd. Linyi Liba Washing Materials Limited Company. Suck it up and don't be a litigious whiner. SAFETY GOGGLES, SAFETY GOGGLES, SAFETY GOGGLES, SAFETY GOGGLES, SAFETY GOGGLES.

This is a quick instructable on how to construct a snake stick of basically the same materials professionals use.


Snake catcher sticks provide people with the best method to get rid of a snake without damaging the wildlife. 11 years ago

on Step 7, hah! We have the potential to supply any larger orders for our products within the given time.

Though I have never tried graphite, it is reasonable to assume it has too much flex. -Hail. Snakes are great animals. Just be careful. I used it quite successfully on a few Racers while living in Kentucky, maybe 2 feet if I'm not exaggerating. Study and Learn his EVERY move before attempting to catch, move or handle any snake. Hubei Fengde Weiye New Material Co., Ltd. To that end I would say, just try your best. Okay, this is a pretty neat thing to have, especially if you hike at all. It uses a thin scissor jaw configuration. Start a couple of inches up onto the handle and begin a wrap of electrical tape. Though it does make it a little easier to hold them at bay. I recommend using steel handles. We sincerely hope to be your agent in China.

3. Some say one-third of their body length, some say half, and some say two-thirds. A snake stick is a hooked tool used to immobilize, hold, and pick up snakes. If using plumber's solder, make sure to put some flux on there, then heat up the joint really well and touch the solder to it. Site: International - Español - Português - Deutsch - Français - Italiano - हिंदी - Pусский - 한국어 - 日本語 - اللغة العربية - ภาษาไทย - Türk - Nederlands - tiếng Việt - Indonesian - עברית, AliExpress Material: Aluminum alloy.

you live in Cuyahoga Falls too.

Onetouch Never thought of it! As for technique, I may post an instructable in the spring when there are more snakes around. Dremel, Sawzall, pipe cutter, whatever. Don't go jumping into a timber rattler's den.


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