snell vs pro v1

So, I guess I’ll just have to get used to the optics of the latest gen MTB. Played the Red for 3 holes and did not like the spin on 150yds and in, the Red was solid off the driver.

Heck I’ve played the same Pro V for over 3 rounds in a row… Just play the ball you like best… even if you aren’t getting them free. Played with the next 14 holes had 3 more Birdies. Really enjoyed the video.

I’ve used the MTB previous model for a couple of years and found the durability to be not as good as other similar quality golf balls. If the Snell ball and the Pro-V ball were the same price, I would still take the Snell ball. Unless your breaking 70 from the tips, you’ll ending up shooting just about the same with ‘found balls’. Brings the cost down to under $27 a dozen. Another great interview and product review.

The man didn’t hesitate to want to test his ball against the “big guy’s” ball. But, you have to soak yours in water for 2-3 weeks before match. If they are only lasting 9 Holes they need to be a lot cheaper than $31 a dozen. Well, he was right! Both great balls.

That said I am anxious to give the new MTB-X a test flight. I use Snell golf balls. I agree with Vince. Thanks for the information. The testing is commensurate for the speed of player who would actually see a benefit from a premium ball. Agreed Andrew.

Who wouldn’t want to play a ball like that! Also, I haven’t bought a ball since the first dozen I bought when I started because I have found over 800 balls as I play this past year. I did a test of Snell’s original “My Tour Ball” several years ago and have been hooked ever since. We know Titliest do? As a data junkie, it would be interesting to take a deeper dive into the numbers.

Just over a year a friend recommended the Snell Golf Balls to me. I am a convert ….let’s hope many others do likewisr to reduce the profits of Titleist / Taylor Made / Callaway . Sure enough, the guys who did not do their research razzed me about the name but I gave each of them a 3-pack to play and most really liked them.

Nevertheless, I’m not suggesting you leave the info out, just wondering if it’s actually relevant? However, I did get the 2nd hole-in-one of golfing life a couple of weeks ago with the MTB Red. Been using MTB Red and woul love to try MTB X before going out and buying. I am looking forward to playing the X and maybe getting a little better spin around the greens. OUTSTANDING BALL FOR HALF THE PRICE OF A TITLEIST. Looking forward to trying Snell MTB-X and Red.

That means providing you with equipment reviews you can trust, But I will surely try Snell one day (unless Srixon keeps up with their promotion),,. They played great! Please keep me in your emails, I’ll provide you with my feedback. Even though the X will probably be a little firmer than I like, certainly want to try them for myself. Why, because they come from the same places overseas. Great indeph review. This difference was that with Snell Golf, Dean was doing it on his own; producing tour level balls at prices well below those of the big OEMs. Played the Black before that and now I really want to try the MTB-X. Watch to find out.

Proceed to Checkout to ensure coupons and value pricing is applied. Primarily i noticed this at home. I don’t lose a lot of balls and also am lucky enough to have a monitor at home. The original MTB and MTB Black are great balls.

Seniors love yellow because we see it so much better.

I have played primarily ProV1x since college, but would love to save a little money if the feel and stats are comparable. I have been playing with this ball the last several years, and I showed that they performed almost identically to the Titleist Pro V1 in my review earlier this year. I feel like the Snell is a little more durable than Vice, but because both are cheap I tend to treat them as fungible. The Black actually sounds like a better fit for me although I really like the Red…Nothing against Titleist but $16-20 more a dozen makes the MTB an easy choice at this point. ??? Absolutely not! Even with a massive data set, I’m sure the differences are within the margin of error. Snell was always going to win if price was a factor. I am a 4 handicap and 70 years old with a club head speed of 90-94. Would love some Snell MTB-Xs for my windy course in Ireland. Getting ready to place my order for the MTB test pack. Even though I have dozens of Chrome Soft, ProVs, and TP5s… I play the Titleist DtTrusoft because it seems to be a hell of a lot more durable.

If you are telling yourself it is inferior in any way, then you are just not looking at the results through unbiased lenses. 54 players are being paid ubsurd money to play Titleist balls.

Any wedge struck full or even 3/4 would scuff the ball and pull small threads that looked like dreadlocks.

The courses I typically play are heavily wooded, and (no pine straw here, boys) past the first yard or so into the trees it’s a forest, so not easily nor feasibly found.

I will continue to play the Snell ball … it’s a great ball that everyone should at least try out if you haven’t already. I’m very happy with Snell for the price and I’ll stick with them. When I run out of Kirklands, Snell MTB’s are top of my list. I play both the MTB black and red. Being a 12 handicap, I don’t hit them all down the middle. They stop on a dime and can be worked in the air.

The new black is even more of the same. People would be buying bargain balls for 10$/sack. MyGolfSpy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Again thanks for all the great reviews. The Snell Red and Black MTB balls haven’t shown up on the Canadian website. The MTB-X is firmer and behaves similarly to the Pro V1x, Titleist, which means firmer feel and more spin in the approach shots. I have not hit a Snell ball but after watching the video, they are definitely on my radar as one to give a go. I’d give it a try if I were you.

Same / marginal performance difference . #ConsumerFirst. please keep up the great work and best of fortune for your company. Not sure if that was staged, but it was golden! Good info. Funny how they test Snell against a pro v1. I’m really impressed with how durable ProV1s are; a single one seems to hold up nicely through multiple rounds as long as I keep it in play. You will see for yourself. We start testing our 1st ever Most Wanted Golf Ball Test at the end of March. Snell has long been seen throughout the pages of MyGolfSpy, and today we’re bringing you the results of our recent test of Snell’s MTB Black against the industry-leading Titleist Pro V1. I play because I believe that it is the best ball on the market.

In fact, most pros have a slight downward pass with the driver.

Still a huge fan even with you not being a huge fan of the comments. Thanks! That’s why I play Prov1x. *The GCQuad accurately characterizes initial launch conditions including ball speed, launch angle, and spin rates, however; dimple patterns differences between balls can have an impact on downrange values such as peak height and descent angle. These test results don’t surprise me, especially with the driver. I have a lot of Kirklands right now, though. I’m still going to try these Snell balls anyway, but the article seems biased if it doesn’t include Titleist pricing properly. This test doesn’t show the Pro V1 is not the best best, rather it is not the best ball you can play for the price. With the current 3 get 1 free deal you can get them for $36 a dozen on a “volume deal”. And a hearty Thank You to MyGolfSpy for the testing that helps us all make better decisions about all things golf related.

Thanks for the ball test and the review, I’m ready for summer. Have not tried Snell. Negligible difference, some savings. . I switched to the MTB Red when it came out and am still playing it. We believe in always putting #ConsumerFirst. A little disappointed in MGS on this one. But price is a big part of the equation! Great comparison. I know what you mean but I think all of the data is subject to the readers interpratation. as well as honest reporting on the latest issues affecting the game

For me, I have finally found an affordable replacement for the ProV1’s. Those reds will make for an excellent bag of practice balls! Too much spin? Like the Yellow version.

Which emblem do you want on your 3 star mb or Japanese ? MyGolfSpy accepts $0 advertising dollars from any of the major golf manufacturers. For average golfer, the Snell balls make a lot of sense, save money without any performance or feel sacrifice.

Ray, if you play the Srixon XV you may want to give the MTB Black a try. Snell seems to maintain performance thru several rounds where ProV’s lose over time.

So, is it possible to find a high-quality, tour-level golf ball at a fraction of the cost? I just received the “trial pack”; with both the black and red and will start my own testing tomorrow.

Cant really go wrong there in my opinion. Srixon, B’stone, Callaway, are similarly discounted to the $25-30 range. Ball is longer by 20 yards anda half to 1 whole club longer!

Good read, thanks. Why you ask?

For me it had some of the characteristics of the regular ProV1 and some of the characteristics of the ProV1X combined into one golf ball. Differences while often minimal are most pronounced when comparing spin across irons and wedges. Would it be possible to test a sleeve of the MTB-X? I have played the original Snell MTB and liked it, but haven’t played the new MTB Red or Black. But figure out your swing speed and the TYPE of swing you have as well first. What about the Red spin from 150yds and in did you not like? Finally, it has more than enough spin to stop on the green from any distance. Thanks for the comparison test.

Maybe even a 25 yard shot over a bunker or something?

^^ I think you have it backwards. I am very happy with the results and will look forward to trying the MTB X balls in future purchase. Hopefully, they’ll get there soon. Or the sound it makes while putting. They are more expensive than Snell but not the exaggeration you portray in the article.


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