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One had an injured leg. White Lights (end) Set 2 10.

Intro/Banter 02. As a former card carrying member of jamband scene this would have fit nicely back in the late 60's-70's and the late 90's-00's when improvisational jams were king. What's Up? They are now in an outside aviary at their release location and it won’t be long before we open their door and let them come and go for a while and head back into the wild to help improve our local Barn Owl population.

Facebook {7} Walter Murphy cover Echo of a Rose{3} Set 2: Tumble {5}, Dancing in the Moonlight {6}, Jive I > Rosewood Heart > Jive Lee > Yeti, Short People {7} Encore: Butter Rum > Jive Lee > Butter Rum Coach’s Notes: {1} A-ha. “Drive” came next, a song that debuted earlier in 2019, followed by a cover of “Ghostbusters”, which the band jammed out to close the set.

Goose Feb 8,2020 The Troubadour West Hollywood, CA 24bit Source: Zoom h6 @24/48 Ch 1&3: AKG C568EB (PAS) Ch 2&4: AKG 460B/CK61 XY Location:  Clamped to the balcony rail slightly off center Transfer: SDHC > Adobe Audition CS6 > TLH Recorded, Transferred, Mastered by Joe Logrippo (aka wharfratjoe) Tagging: Live Show Tagger Set 1 01.

Post author By Ted Honks; Post date April 18, 2020; Photo by Kendall McCargo [Facebook | Instagram] Will he take his shirt off, or won’t he? Indian River 2. Cheers from the crowd ensued and the band exited for a short set break. A cover of Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish” came next, which moved right into the band’s most recent release, “Butter Rum”. Track 03 04. Indian River 1:09:14 09. Electric Avenue 10.

Speaking of touring, you’re about to head out on a winter tour at the end of this month!

Lockn’ and Red Rocks are actually in the same weekend, which should be huge for us. Time To Flee {1}, 03.

I Was There.

Source: Church Audio CA-14 card(din)>CA-UBB2>ocm R-44>hcsd card@24b48k wav. It was supposed to be said kind of in place of “Good to Go,” it was this action word that got used a lot in funny context.

Me and My Uncle  02. Following the Hornsby throwback tune, things got romantic as a fan was handed the mic and he purposed to his girlfriend. Echo of a Rose 11. 02. Creatures 05. Goose   | 2019-06-29 | Beanstalk Music & Mountains Festival at  Rancho Del Rio, Bond , CO -= Set 1 =- 01. Until Peter’s car goes off the road and fans request it, I don’t think we’ll be playing it. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'liveforlivemusic_com-box-3','ezslot_1',105,'0','0']));Goose wrapped their four-night Colorado run this past Sunday night following shows in Fort Collins, Denver and Steamboat Springs. A highlight of the set came next in the form of a fantastic cover of Radiohead’s “Weird Fishes”.

Honey Bee {10} > ... 12.13.19 • Covington, KY • Madison Theatre Set 1: Wysteria > Take On Me {1} > Flodown, Arcadia {2} > Lady Marmalade {3}. Howard Johnson’s Got His HoJo Working {5} 14.

Weird Fishies/Arpeggi {1} {2} Notes: {1} With very special guest and former Goose member Kris Yunker on Keys {2} Radiohead. Escape (The Pina Colada Song) 05. Creatures {1}, 11.

Ted Tapes I by Goose, released 16 June 2019 1. Madhuvan  05.

There are certain calls that you receive that when you hear the scenario your heart drops and last week I received a call from a walker who had found a poorly Canada Goose on the bank of the River Cuckmere. Credits. This was removed and additional medication is given after speaking to one of our vets. Peter and Rick write the most of the music – Honeybee is a new Peter song that is pretty awesome. Setlist: Goose | Aggie Theatre | Fort Collins, CO | 12/5/2019, Set One: Me & My Uncle {1}, Lead The Way, Time To Flee, All I Need {2}, The Way It Is {3}, So Ready, Set Two: Jive I > Weird Fishes {4} > Into The Myst, Turned Clouds, Tumble > Make The Move {5} > Tumble > Cantaloupe Island {6} > Tumble. Really, without our fans doing so much to get the word out, I don’t think we would have grown as much as we did last year.

2020/09/12 Yarmouth Drive-in, Yarmouth, MA,

The poetic and emotive original, “Into The Myst” came next, followed by another song from Moon Cabin in “Turned Clouds”. Madhuvan 3. Drums 07.

July 22, 2018 Jerry Jam Klay Knoll Farm Bath, NH source1: Telefunken ELA M260 Cardioid > Sonosax SX-M2 > Edirol R-44 > WAV (24/48k) source2: sbd > Edirol R-44 > WAV (24/48k) transfer: wav > Audacity > wav (24/48k) > xACT > flac8 tape/transfer - corey the groundhog (coreythegroundhogATgmailDOTcom) one set (62:46) 7 tracks, Goose 2018-05-10 The Warehouse, Fairfield Theatre Company Fairfield, CT   Matrix Source 1: Stage lip Studio Projects LSD2 > Tascam DR70 (Blumlein, 24/44) Source 2: SBD > Tascam DR 70 24/44 SD Cards>Audacity>Flac taped/mastered/seeded by chk 01 All I Need 02 A Western Sun 03 Arcadia 04 Crosseyed And Painless 05 Hot Butter Rum. I'm Writing a Novel/+1 Minute Reggae Jam 10. Reprise Opener 03. Goose Goose Community Rec Center Fairfield County, CT 6/27/2020 Bingo Night 4 Set 1 01. Arrow {8} >  04.

{9} Deodato cover

Two weeks later, Goose returned to Octave and were surprised at what they found. Nice sound from a classic venue.

Jive II 02. Jive I 4. Rick Mitarotonda. {7} Disco Inferno, Stage Plot/Fire vocal jam, Hot Tea Teases. Switchin' 08. This is going to take the scene into another direction with Garcia Peoples. {7} Run DMC cover, ‘Stage Plot’ jam {8} Widespread Panic cover

Turned Clouds {5} 2:11:18 16. {1} Wood Brothers cover The goose was clearly not in the same place as where it was shown I the photo.

The Whales 07.

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Hometown: Norwalk, Connecticut. Lights 06. Goose Goose Community Rec Center Fairfield County, CT 6/20/2020 Bingo Night 2 Set 1 01. Set two kicked off with “Doobie Song”, which slid right into “Drive” which featured a special appearance by Lombardi on the rain stick. Shelter From the Storm 02. 2020/07/18 Rick + Peter Acoustic feat. It was never meant to make it past bar gigs, really, but here we are. Goose Showtime at the Drive-In Frederick, MD 10/19/2020 Set 1 01. Arrived 10/26/20. Ben Atkind. Get The Funk Outta Ma Face 03. Christmas Wrapping {5} >  08. The Norwalk, CT-based rock outfit delivered a combination of fan-favorites and fun covers throughout their weekend run. All I Need >  4. People in the scene spreading the word afterwards just added to it. ** 01. Keys & Guitar. {3} Bruce Hornsby cover, After the song Handini passed the mic to a guy in the crowd who then purposed to his girlfriend, she said yes.

Madhuvan  6. After a short set-break, Goose returned to the stage and opened the second half of the show with the funk-infused “Jive I”. Plus, we’ve been working on a bunch of original material. Who does the most driving?

Featuring interviews with The Diabolical Liberties, Stephane San Juan, and Gilles Peterson. One of Goose’s more recent singles, “All I Need” served as the set closer. Peter offered to perform a song they requested and they ended up asking for “Everywhere” by Michelle Branch. +10 Minute Jam 20. 03. {10} The Isley Brother cover, time was running out so the band played straight through until curfew, Copyright © 2020 L4LM | Website by Computer Courage, Night one of the Colorado run began at Fort Collins’, The Colorado run continued the next night with yet another sold-out show at.

Intro/Banter 02.

{2} Unfinished. Their jams are rarely boring noodle-fests (no ramen soup here), but instead filled with dynamic guitar solos, time changes, and fun fills.

Tumble 05. Vinyl Purchased 10/3/20. {3} The crowd started to sing happy birthday to Handini, Spuds joined in over the mic, he turned 27 at midnight Not only did Goose offer up four solid nights of tight jams, but the shows also featured an engagement, a birthday celebration, and a travel mishap with a happy ending to keep their Colorado run more than interesting.

{2} Creedence Clearwater Revival cover

Green River 06.


We are getting a lot of calls about limping gulls at the moment and more often than not by the time we arrive the bird has flown off or disappeared, especially when people are not able to wait and keep an eye on them.


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