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As everyone inputs their turnip prices, the bot will send an @here ping to alert everyone who’s online if someone’s turnips are priced at over 200 bells each. THANK you all for learning the rules, by the way. Welcome to ~ Raymond's Room ~! 【Blather’s Museum!】 Inactive . 237. pinned by moderators. So the wombats are in part intentional.

I was already a bit burned out from hosting, but now people where also sharing my Dodo with other people who weren't invited... To the person who did this: shame on you for being so rude and for ruining it for other people! Okay, so my parents (my stepfather and my mother, who died last year), years ago bought some land in Australia, which they reforested with Land for Wildlife, and they also built their, like, retirement place on it.

That means if your Nooklings are offering a surprisingly high turnip price, it’s worth your time to open up your island to visitors to earn a few extra Bells and who knows what else. SF: Okay, now I put down old carpet and stake it to the ground. We are a 13+ SFW ACNH level 1 boosted discord server. That will bring up a couple of invite options.

Airport and Flight: share Dodo code to open your island or join a queue to visit, with real-time chat! 1.

A place to post your daily Animal Crossing turnip price. A shame that the online in this game is so wonky in the first place. Include your details in your submission.

In either case, you still need to keep track of your prices on a rolling basis and they'll offer estimates based on previous data. Keep in mind you can’t demand an entrance fee, but most visitors will tip once they leave. Warp World Pro ($5): Priority listing on the islands page. Also, I had no idea TE were a cash grab on Patreon, which seems like a giant bucket of worms. It’s become a place to, obviously, discuss turnips, but ideally, also get everyone rich. We are a kind and growing community that has a lot to offer. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just for you.

She tweeted an image of the spreadsheet and realized other people would want access, so she cleared the data and figured out how to turn it into a basic template for anyone to use. If anyone has a queuing app that doesn't do the stuff that TE is doing as reported in the thread, then let's hear about it.


Just follow the link :). Tips Appreciated! Anyone else has a guide, let me know and I am happy to link. You’ll want to hit the “Host” option once you get to the site’s homepage and input your Dodo Code to start populating your post.

I wouldn't have to touch TE or my game and could go do HW or cook or something. Please contact their support directly.

The subreddit’s rules suggest a 10 percent tip of however much a player makes on your island.

Turnips are meant to be a gamble: you might not turn a profit, and on here it’s practically guaranteed.

Hot. Stop by for your last minute sales of turnips. “There was a thread in the channel with like 40 messages of people talking all about who managed to sell what and what money they made, so yeah, I was pretty upset that I didn’t manage to sell my turnips there.”, The channel’s also a dedicated place to share articles, memes, and GIFs about Animal Crossing. Just looking to sell turnips for a few people to try and get my stamp for 10 million. Passport: a minimal profile page to share your island info and make friends! That’s be like if Nintendo said you couldn’t make AC friends on Facebook, Twitter, or even reddit … Happy Halloween! Moderators.

© 2020 reddit inc. All rights reserved. Verstecken! Issues related to our site (Discord Me) should be reported here or in our Discord Support Server. To start hosting simply click “Turnip Hosts” on the app’s first page, then plug in your price, Dodo Code, and a stop time if you want to halt trading at a certain hour. I would GUESS that Nintendo would not ban players who were using it to host, but I might not want to bet my turnip money. Discord Me is not affiliated with Discord. I'll let you know when it's to late so please don't be rude and still come after I told you this.

Leave in your comment your favorite TV show, otherwise you'll be skipped. Correction 4/14, 5:35PM ET: This story initially stated Tom Riley’s last name as Early. New.

User account menu. Share codes, visit islands, trade items, and more.

Calculator: an easy calculator to get the idea of how much you would earn! I don't know how forms could have that level of automation. - Quickly Growing Community

Just follow the link :)Free/Give Away (turnip.exchange), submitted 22 days ago by j4mi_m to r/Dodocodes.

Tips appreciated but not necessary. Do not post selling less than 150 Sun - Fri, Do not post Joan/DaisyMae threads Monday - Saturday, No Looking for [LF] Prices threads from Sunday - Weds, Press J to jump to the feed. “I was having a really shitty brain day where I was really stressed out about the world and everything,” she says. If there's a particular recipe or piece of furniture you really want, you can mention it in your listing. Edit: gonna actually have multiple people come over since there are a plethora of people with turnips. Finde Mitspieler für Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pocket Camp oder schon für New Horizons.

Then this is the place for you. Image: Maddox Knight. When you would see two posts right after another both for around 500 one with a turnip exchange link that got 100 people in less than a minute and one that just asked people to comment that got like 5-10 in that time.

Sei über alle Neuigkeiten zu Animal Crossing informiert. Turnip Exchange. About Server. Riley’s co-worker designed a customized Slackbot, complete with a turnip mascot, to keep track of their company’s turnip prices. “After doing turnips for a while, money eventually becomes fairly trivial.”.

The best app for Animal Crossing guides and turnip trading Once again, you can’t charge an entrance fee feel free to ask for a tip in the description, especially if you want something other than Bells. And please, please leave through the air port!

TurnipExchange r/ TurnipExchange. Passionate about something niche? save.

We have zero tolerance to racism and homophobic remarks, we are a safe and welcoming place for everyone! Oh well, fair enough.

The site will automatically build a queue of players that want to join your island and distribute your Dodo Code accordingly, so it's a much lighter lift than the Reddit option. I'll respond to everybody when I send a dm so other people in the comments can keep track of how far I am. If you aren't comfortable letting me sell for you that's fine too. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://www.reddit.com/r/RateMyMayor/comments/hhl0b8/ambver96/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share, Do not post prices under 150 (except Saturdays), Daisy/MaeJoan threads can ONLY be posted on Sundays.

So you’ve noticed that the Nooks on your island are buying turnips for 500 or even 600 Bells? Many players who list their islands specifically request tips or other specific items, so if you want to pad your wallet, consider hosting your island to the turnip traders of the world if you wind up with a big price on your island.

“To be honest I don’t think anyone’s doing any work in this channel.”. Nehme an Aktionen in Verbindung mit unserem Forum Nookville.de teil. Google forms, guys. Keep in mind these are approximations based on predictable turnip price patterns players have noticed, so the tool can and will be wrong — but it's also your best chance at getting advanced notice if your price spikes.

The channel’s also a dedicated place to share articles, memes, and GIFs about Animal Crossing. Rising. Well then... would someone care to teach me how to use google forms for this purpose? Do you love to fish, hunt for bugs, or collect clams in ACNH? Tom Nook would be appalled. Slack was designed to be a place for co-workers to collaborate productively, but now, it’s been converted into a turnip forum. Alternatively, find out what’s trending across all of Reddit on r/popular.

Redditor u/mikebryanuk created and published a turnip price prediction web widget, called Turnip Prophet, that attempts to predict turnip prices based on that week’s past prices.


New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If you don't respond within 10min I'll go further. r/TurnipExchange: Animal Crossing Turnip Exchange! Anything you wanna give is fine, but I prefer NMT, thanks!


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