twsbi vac mini cracking
/r/fountainpens - A community for fountain pen enthusiasts, from the novice to the collector. Their newer pens seem much sturdier than the older models. The further down the end cap is screwed before you insert the screw, the larger the gap will be when you retract the piston. Seriously? Warmest regards, The screw bolt only fits into one end of the connector, so don’t worry about which end is the right one. More recently, TWSBI seems to have improved both their quality control and manufacturing process.

Hi all, I have a vac mini I bought used (seller said they had inked it once, but never really used it). We were running over 50 add-ons for our board, with none of the old ones compatible with the new software, and many not available anymore either. Adjust the end cap so that none of the threading is visible but all of the flat sides are visible. I think I might have thermally shocked the pen several times (venturing out in sub freezing weather) too which might have contributed. While pressing the screw lightly into the connector, start twisting the end cap clockwise. If you’re having trouble finding it, check inside the bottom of the case the pen came in. If the piston mechanism is still in one piece with the wrench wedged in place between the connector and the end cap, reassembling the pen is a breeze. What extra precautions should I be taking? Notice that the connector has two flat sides.

Two weeks of light use on my part and there are two cracks on the barrel (the top and bottom threads. 2) Slide the piston mechanism into the barrel of the pen.

Thereafter we will start installing, settign up and testing the add-ons we need, like a Classifieds replacement and quite a few other ones. Also try not to remove the nib, unless you really need to. Whenever I can't carry a pen in my jacket or bag, I almost exclusively carry a brass Kaweco Liliput. 3) Slide the wrench into place and tighten the end cap. The Diamond Mini’s grip section is much like the Classic’s and Diamond 580’s, but the metal collar is integrated into the grip piece. We will try to replace as many as we can, so that we will eventually have a complete board like we had before. The end of the screw with the flat, round top slides into the hollow end of the piston and fits snugly into place. Look, some people will act as diehard TWSBI acolytes and tell you "well rarara I had my TWSBI for yeaaaaaaars without a hitch and it has been through two tours of the thunderdome with me!". Our writers draw on their personal expertise, consult our in-house subject matter experts, and do extensive research to make our guides as accurate and comprehensive as possible. /r/fountainpens - A community for fountain pen enthusiasts, from the novice to the collector. If there is no gap between the piston and the connector, unscrew the end cap, pull out the screw, and start over from Step 5. I have a vintage black and gold pilot elite which I has been in my front pocket for the past 2 years. How long has it been? But I've heard about the issues that come with TWSBI pens sometimes. You can continue disassembling the piston mechanism by removing the wrench and fully unscrewing the end cap from the connector, but we don’t recommend doing so as there is generally no need. Most TWSBI pens let you disassemble their grip sections, making it easy to clean the nib and feed as well as giving you limited access to the ink reservoir (enough to flush it out with water or a cleaning solution using a syringe) without having to remove the piston or vacuum filling mechanism. Note: The reputation of TWSBI's "Diamond" models (the 580 and the Diamond Mini) have suffered a bit in years past due to reports of barrels cracking. The screw bolt is locked between the end cap and the connector and cannot move up or down, so when it turns it forces the screw to extend or retract, moving the piston. I had that issue with both my Twsbi Mini and Vac Mini but on blind cap threads.

To disassemble the grip section, simply unscrew it from the barrel and pull off the grip and metal collar. The Kaweco is made of a totally different plastic and has a much sturdier design. Leaving ink in the pen is problematic for obvious reasons. Step 3: Slide the wrench into the flat sides of the connector.

This is how you normally turn things to unscrew them, but it is the opposite of how you unscrew a TWSBI piston mechanism. I took it apart once, but I am a pretty matriculate person and don't think I over torqued anything putting it back together. 4) Turn the wrench clockwise to unscrew the piston mechanism. I'll throw in my favorite front pocket rider recommendation in the Kaweco Liliput. Ladies and gentlemen of the board,


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