water monitor enclosure size
Symptoms include excess mucus, lethargy and open mouthed breathing. They can make a real mess of the water. Hatchlings will start out at about 10 inches long and will potentially grow several feet in a single year under optimal conditions.

How large of a enclosure would an experienced monitor owner use? Expert Tip: As you can see, Asian water monitors grow very quickly, so you need to plan for this well in advance. Asian water monitors are regarded as the third longest lizard after the komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis)  and the crocodile monitor (Varanus salvadorii). Somehow monitors always lie down on the cold floor or against a cold wall. The housing for this pet lizard is likely nothing you’ve ever dealt with. Therefore, once the water is replaced the majority of cleanup is completed. It’s recommended that hatchling water monitors are fed daily to every other day for their first year of life. We have bought wild caught several times because we had no choice. The Asian water monitor (Varanus salvator) is also known as the Sumatran water monitor. We tried to include as many actionable tips and facts as possible, but we’re open to adding more if requested! At this temperature babies will begin to hatch in six to seven months. They only want to hide and they bite and scratch you when you pick them up. They provide them with the proper temperature, humidity, and basking areas. Asian water monitors are very intelligent and active reptiles, so your enclosure should contain lots of things that are going to create both physical and mental stimulation.

Large adults can weigh 40 lbs. This is another reason to think very carefully before deciding to care for an Asian water monitor, because there’s no way around this! I want it to be an aesthetic feature of my house as well as being a more then adequate home for the monitor itself. Read on to learn about the Water Monitor. In recent years captive breeding has expanded, bringing to the market a range of unique specimens both in personality and appearance. With good care and a healthy diet and environment, these lizards can potentially live for 20 years or more. We use many big branches for them to climb up high. It has a relatively long neck, and an elongated snout. The heaviest specimen on record weighed 110 lbs. With time and patience this simple technique will aid in having a large, gentle beast to enjoy for years to come. Multiple shelters need to be found in the enclosure. If the basking lights in the enclosure are not placed properly, your monitor can get some pretty bad burns. Once a properly sexed pair is identified they can potentially be paired together. Later they start to eat more and more pray like mice and grounded prays. This would be good enough for a short period of time, but you must be aware that they grow very fast. Conversely, if a monitor lizard is never basking then this may be because temperatures are too high. They are strongly built with well developed legs and powerful tails. If you have the chance to get a captive bred baby (even if it’s more expensive) please do! Depending on the size and design of the set up, you should position these lights to create maximum basking areas as well as areas for cooling down. A captive-bred specimen is always recommended over a wild-caught animal, as they will be socialized much more easily without the trauma of capture and export. One place said start off the babies in a small tank and put them in a bigger one when they out grow it.

While they prefer living in aquatic habitats, these lizards live in a wide variety of ecosystems. Since these lizards love to be in the water, you will also need to include a very large DIY water source. Depending on the age and size of the female, clutches range between six to 18 eggs, although more or less is not uncommon. This measurement includes their tail, which makes up a significant portion of their size. Water Monitor Enclosure ideas So I am looking into the idea of getting a water monitor, and am trying to plan out what I want to eventually do for the enclosure. Deforestation for palm oil, as well as farming, housing development, and timber. You need to make sure that the full body of the Water monitor is fully heated. If it gets too cold during the day or night they often stop eating and get lethargic. This means that at least twice a day, you are going to need to empty the water reservoir and fill it again with clean water. If you are thinking of putting in a filtration system, it’s important to avoid getting one with an overly strong intake. I'm looking to get a water monitor pretty soon, hopefully a Mitchell's because of size issues. Adult Asian water monitors only need to be fed 2-3 times per week. Captive breeding has allowed us to pair the hallmark of a tame manageable monitor with the undeniable beauty of morphs and selective breeding, making them one of the most impressive and rewarding animals available to keepers.

Related Species. This will lower the costs of getting care from a veterinarian and will save you a lot of money and problems you do not like. Asian water monitors also have durable, scaly skin that covers their whole body. This species has a long, stout body, short legs, and a long tail.


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