what happens at 3am in islam

Not too long ago an old friend -- let's name him Adam -- called me and dropped the hammer. Do not despair of Allah's mercy. You might be more appreciative of a former spouse after marrying someone else. Everything happens for a reason, but we humans, don't always know that "reason". I can give you proof that He indeed exists. To know Prophet Muhammad is to know Islam. Prayers remind the faithful of God and the many opportunities to seek His guidance and forgiveness. But as you can see, there is much to consider. Likewise, know that no shortage of anti-Islam critics exist to make you second-guess and doubt your decision. Islam teaches that God (Allah) has sent guidance to human beings, through His prophets and books of revelation. Aside from the two main branches of Sunni and Shia Muslims most commonly known, within each branch many variations exist. Therefore, the Qur'an repeatedly commands Muslims to investigate, ponder, reflect, question. But, act and keep an open mind. In Muslim communities, people are reminded of the salat by the daily calls to prayer, known as adhan. A few even gather on Monday mornings for prayer. Is there any reason to explain why does the number 3 repeats itself in the Islam? It just does. Prophet Muhammad, whom the Qur'an calls the Seal of the Prophets, is Islam's holy founder. We hope you gain lots of beneficial knowledge from our work. Plus, your mind isn't super active so it is not running multiple thoughts. ”Our Lord descends every night to the heaven of this world when the last third of the night is still to come and says, “Who will call me so that I may answer him?

Between 3am and 4am (some articles on the web today say 2am to 4am) in the morning, the veil between the spiritual realm and our realm is the thinnest. So, from Adam to Zoroaster, it is important to study the various faiths. Indeed Allah forgives all sins, for Truly He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful” (Quran 39:53). I've impressed this upon Adam and encouraged him to visit Sunni and Shia mosques, to speak with various Imams, and to engage with each mosque's membership. "Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: Our Lord, the Blessed and the Exalted, descends every night to the lowest heaven when one-third of the latter part of the night is left, and says: Who supplicates Me so that I may answer him? The idea of Allah descending is incorrect, as Allah cannot have a physical location. As Muslims across the globe have no institutionalised leadership, there is no single edict on which approach should be followed. Since at 3 am everyone is sleeping ( well almost) and in contrast to the day time there is a solitude in the ambiance.

The middle stage is to be just the right amount of being conscious. If you’ve been waking up at 3am, this is a sign that you are your own worst critic. ; Shahadah: Reciting the Islamic profession of faith, called the Kalimah ("There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger"). Some find their families actually welcomed their choice, and others not so much. It was on this premise that Muslims made unprecedented advances in science, biology, chemistry, astronomy, and physics during Islam's Golden Age.

Before accepting Islam, make sure you study as many different faiths as you can. Nearly one-in-seven converts to Islam (15 percent) had no religion before their conversion.". Be active, be sincere, be consistent, even incessant in your prayers to God. All human beings sin, as none of us is perfect.

The month of fasting will end on either Friday 17 July or Saturday 18 July, as there are either 29 or 30 days in a lunar month. Mosques often gender-segregate worship services.

Followers each try their best but fall short and seek Allah’s forgiveness for their shortcomings.

Could you potentially turn a draft horse into a warhorse? Because it is said that 3am is the time when the barrier between the material world and the spiritual world is at its weakest, so weak that any sort of being can cross over it. Maintain both and your journey as a Muslim will take you far. A Muslim is responsible to live a lifestyle upholding both obligations. – The Qur’an, Al-Baqarah:183. Islam teaches that Allah, Who created us and all of our imperfections, knows this about us and is All-Forgiving, Merciful, and Compassionate. Our rules of logic only extend to this created universe, and Allah is not bound by it. Gous Ahmed is a passionate writer especially in subjects concerning the religion of Islam. http://www.masud.co.uk/ISLAM/nuh/inthesky.htm. This question is about the specific details of how Allaah descends. Muslims – there are 1.6 billion in the world – believe Ramadan is the holiest month in the year , when the Qur’an, the holy book of Islam, was revealed to the prophet Muhammad. Picture them as two wheels on a cart. Tradition dictates that Muslims should make up their missed prayer as soon as possible or at the very least recite the missed prayer as part of the next regular salat. Take the time to make a decision best for your personal relationship with Him. Working as an advisor and writing part-time. Thanks for contributing an answer to Islam Stack Exchange! According to tradition the angels call it the day of prizegiving because all those who fasted are rewarded by God on this day, and so it is common to hear Muslims greet each other with Eid Mubārak (Happy Eid). In this tough economy, you better believe giving charity is a test of faith too.

The idea of Allah descending is incorrect, as Allah cannot have a physical location. And He is the Most High, the Most Great.... http://quran.com/2/255, ... , and His Throne was over the water; ... http://sunnah.com/urn/43610. None of the companions raised any objections by saying: “Oh Messenger of Allah! ... Moving forward I will make sure nothing like this happens again.

Therefore, it is obligatory upon us to accept what Allah and His Messenger (sallallahu alyhi wa sallam) has informed us concerning the matters of the unseen (wholeheartedly), in full submission, and that we do not reject them in favour of that which is in our minds from feelings and preconceived notions; Because the matter of the unseen are far above this.


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