who is ayu in empress ki

It aired on MBC from October 28, 2013 to April 29, 2014 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 51 episodes.. A domestic and overseas hit, the series received the Golden Bird Prize for Serial Drama at the 9th Seoul International Drama Awards.Ha Ji-won … The Emperor opens a shadow play for Yang but uninvited guests decide to join them. A nun was escorted into the throne hall who testified that she was there when the baby was brought to the hermitage. That’s how he would survive.”, Sungnyang walked away just before a tear fell from her eyes. Chancellor Bayan told Sungnyang to forget that he once promised to protect her. Maha was not his real nephew. Nyang and two others stay behind to look for Jukho to find the blood vow.

She also hoped that she would die in his arms. Ayu was now the crown prince, making her the Empress Regent. Sungnyang held Maha in her arms, crying at the sight of her child in pain. Nyang begins her plan to take the empress' power away from her.

The Dowager opposes Nayng becoming the empress and makes Bayan bring his niece to run Nyang out. Everyone knew that Lady Ki would do anything just to get rid of her son’s competitor to the throne.

He was surprised to learn about Maha’s true identity. She had bad news. Empress Bayan needed to think quickly in order to cover-up her crime. Wang Yu continues to find who is behind the counterfeit money. Any foolish action would mean their death but Chancellor Bayan had a plan….and Taltal happened to be within hearing distance….

El Temur receives word from his men that his son is bringing Bayan and won the war. King Wang Ko orders Sungnyang to get close to Wang Yu to lure him into an ambush. Instead, he ordered Eunuch Golta to bring him pen and paper. Can you tell me about him? There is also a new NorthCape CF with Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook that implies their present day characters are reincarnations of their Empress Ki characters. Sungnyang cried, full of remorse, unsure of how she can protect her child now. Wang Yu was so worried as he held her in her arms but Onbisu was more worried about the smudge on her face.

He told Sungnyang that if fell from Yom Byongsu during the attack at the temple. Wang Yu recalled the conversation he had with Onbisu where she asked if she could stay in Koryo.

Even Ta-hwan looked worried at his injured son and refused to hear the Dowager’s ranting about Lady Ki. Sungnyang disguises herself as a man and works to free women who were sent to be Yuan concubines. ****************************************************************************************************************.

THANKS!!! She was able to kill a few and decided to throw one of the barrels at Tangqishi’s men. Their discussion was interrupted with the Empress Dowager’s arrival.

Sweetie stay with me…Maha!”, *********************************************************************************************************. WangYu finds out about Nyang's situation from Tal Tal after they arrest Huksu. The previous Yuan Emperor is said to have written a blood vow before his death and all are scrambling to find it. She comforted Maha and told him not to worry since he was with her now. Bayan takes his men to war with surrounding countries and tries to take them over. Sungnyang swore to the gods that it wasn’t her.

South Korea Nyang is in the Ice Palace and calls everyone in to start planning to defend the Emperor while Bayan takes the palace. After his death, Yuan and Kyora unite.

Chancellor Bayan was quick to suggest that Lady Ki might be involved but Ta-hwan cautioned him from further accusing Lady Ki. He knew that she would do anything for Ayu’s sake.

Nyang finally finds out about the secret funds El Temur has been collecting. Sungnyang said that it was not her evidence and pointed at Dok-man who found the ring. Yom Byongsu shot the prince with an arrow and hit him at the back.

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Lady Ki should be questioned and forced to confess. Crown Prince Ayu smiled as everyone hailed the Emperor’s decision. She instructed Court Lady Seo to bring Maha to Koryo once he had recovered. Photojournalism (08): Color or black and white?

Sungnyang defended herself, she would not lie knowing that the prince would wake up. ( Log Out /  Even after 4 months, i still can't move on from all the songs and music videos from this drama...i play it again and again the soundtracks on YouTube especially Thorn Love and Just Once music video clips... ❤️Little to know, my husband and me started to adore and become fan of Ha Ji Won after watching this drama...(yes, my husband also a k-drama fan...!) Empress Bayan had a rendezvous with Yom Byongsu in an empty shed. Bayan is sent to prison for trying to kill Nyang and her son Ayu. I’m just skipping episodes from 29 … ( Log Out /  He pressed Eunuch Bang for the reason why Lady Ki was so upset and cried buckets of tears towards her own son’s rival. Nyang is sent to the temple to repent for her sins and ask for forgiveness.

The guards shouted that they were being attacked by assassins which alerted the people inside the temple, including Dok-man and Maha.

Change ), http://empresski.koreandramasummary.wordpress.com/. Eunuch Bang said ‘yes’ and warned everyone not to tell Wang Yu about it. She was brought to Yuan as a concubine to Khan Tonghon Temür in 1333.

Sungnyang grasped Maha by his shoulders and ordered him to stop crying and come to his senses. Maha asked Lady Ki why she was crying in front of him but soon passed-out.

Meanwhile, Prince Maha was escorted back to the palace but he was still weak.

“The Empress is lying,” announced Emperor Ta-hwan. A sum total of many heterogeneous things taken together. Sungnyang’s and Ta-Hwan’s son.

Nyang keeps the Emperor locked up in her room so that no one will know that he is awake. Since they were not that far from Chonsutap, Onbisu told Wang Yu to drive the wagon while she tried to hold them off. Togon did lie and basically killed her father, geez. Dok-man told the Prince to escape first but the assassins saw him running away. The Empress Dowager immediately rushed towards him and tried to help.

He begged for her to save Maha since someone would try to kill the prince later that night. I managed to finish all 51 episodes of Empress Ki drama within 4 days during Restrictions Movement Order's periods due to coronavirus disease pandemic in Malaysia...I didn't count how many hours i didn't move from the sofa since i also take care of my 2 little kiddos while watching the drama... But i enjoyed the most during both of them sleep at night, tried to use every seconds of it to watch that drama all night long...And yes, I'd become like a mombie (mom + zombie) after that 4 days... Looking at how the growth of emperor's personality and abilities is so satisfying,Seung Nyang's heartbreaking moments again and again and again but alwasy back to be even stronger is so amazing,Wang Yu's honesty, loyalty and sacrifices everything even his own life for his love is so overwhelming...And of course, superb acting by all the supporting casts definitely brings perfection for this drama too...Obviously this drama is full with actions, emotions and various moral of the story... Amazing acting skills not only from leading roles but also from their supporting cast, superb scripts, very well oriented storyline, nice and mesmerising background music soundtracks and of course, various styles of Ji Chang Wook and Ha Ji Won's actings from beginning until the end of this drama and charismatic aura of Jin Mo Ju as Wang Yu is undeniably awesome...!In the end, i think it's all worth it for watching 51 episodes of this drama...This is the longest Korean drama I've ever watched but i think this drama has become my favourite one and of course, if there is anyone asking for k-drama recommendation, i will surely recommend them to watch Empress Ki..!


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